Canon EOS R100: start photography with this small camera

Canon has recently unveiled the latest addition to its EOS R lineup, the EOS R100. This camera, belonging to the EOS R family of interchangeable lenses, aims to inspire individuals who are keen to embark on their photography journey. Designed with features specifically tailored to cater to beginners, the EOS R100 also boasts an impressively compact size, ensuring convenience and encouraging users to carry it with them at all times.

Canon EOS R100, the smallest Canon


One glance at the Canon R100 is all it takes to appreciate its remarkably compact size, leaving a lasting smile on your face. While it is important to note that the body design remains consistent with its predecessor, the R50, this new model takes a step further in catering to beginner users. Equipped with a 24.1-megapixel APS-C sensor, the R100 enables capturing intricate details and recording videos in impressive 4K resolution at 25 frames per second.

The sensor incorporates the advanced Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus technology, ensuring swift and precise focus detection for capturing moments with exceptional accuracy. Additionally, the camera offers eye-tracking capabilities, allowing for flawless portrait photography. With these features, the Canon R100 is poised to impress both aspiring photographers and videographers alike.

Understated, but ideal for beginning users

Canon EOS R100

Burst mode will shoot at a speed of 6.5 images per second in One Shot autofocus mode, and 3.5 images per second in continuous autofocus mode. They are not numbers to shoot in a football game at a professional level, but excellent to start in this photography.

And it is that the camera does not offer too many technical flourishes, such as its screen, which is 3 inches with 1 million pixels of resolution and fixed without any type of pivoting system. It is, as we say, a simple and hassle-free setup.

To point and shoot

The burst mode of the Canon R100 allows for capturing images at a rate of 6.5 frames per second when using the One Shot autofocus mode, while it achieves 3.5 frames per second in continuous autofocus mode. While these numbers may not be suitable for professional-level sports photography, they are excellent for beginners venturing into the world of photography.

The camera, in line with its simplicity and user-friendly design, does not boast an abundance of technical embellishments. For instance, its 3-inch screen offers a resolution of 1 million pixels, remaining fixed without any pivoting system. This straightforward setup ensures a hassle-free experience, ideal for those seeking a simple yet capable camera.

Canon EOS R100

The Canon R100 stands out as one of the most user-friendly and straightforward mirrorless cameras we have encountered in recent times. This characteristic makes it particularly appealing to its target audience, as it combines the ease and automatic modes typically found in compact cameras with the versatility and advanced features of an interchangeable lens system.

One noteworthy addition to the camera is the new fixed focal lens, the RF 28 f/2.8 STM. This lens is remarkable for its compact dimensions, making it the lightest and smallest lens in Canon’s lineup to date. When paired with the camera, it forms a highly portable and compact ensemble, encouraging users to carry it along on various trips and events, capturing moments effortlessly.

Price and release date

The Canon EOS R100 is set to be available in stores by the end of June, with a price tag of 739 euros for the body only. Concurrently, the new RF 28mm lens will also be released around the same timeframe, with an official price of 399 euros. Photography enthusiasts can look forward to obtaining both the camera and the lens at these respective prices.