Candy Camera, modify selfies with lots of options

One of the great uses that are given to mobile terminals with Android is to take photos, especially selfies (even, the integrated applications for this include a mode for this type of shots). If you want to achieve better final results by editing, one of the possibilities is to use the Candy Camera application.

We talk about a job that is quite complete for the purpose you have, as it offers a lot of possibilities. An example of what we say is that the images used with CandyCamera can be acquired from the Gallery of the Android device in which the application is used or, failing that, a photo can be taken with the smartphone or tablet camera already that the work allows access to it with its own development that is well in general, but that tends to show somewhat blurred selfies (yes, its use is tremendously simple ).

The ease with which everything is done in Candy Camera has a lot to do with the fact that the development is fully translated , and with great success so everything is quite intuitive. In addition, the interface that has been created is very positive , since all the texts stand out for their size and the buttons that exist have very clear access and therefore access to all sections of this application is done quickly. By the way, we have not found a great delay in the execution, which is good news since it is not unusual that apps of this type are not well optimized.

With regard to compatibility, there is good news since having a terminal with Android 4.0 or higher execution is completely possible (and without stability problems). With regard to hardware, it is recommended that the device used has 3 GB or more, since otherwise we have verified that the execution processes are somewhat slow especially in regard to saving the actions performed … And sometimes it can be even hopeless.

There are no problems when using Candy Camera

With this development it is possible to change the faces that are seen in a portrait, modifying the nose or some features such as the chin (and, even, it is possible to remove the pimples if they are very marked). This allows us to optimize what remains as a result and, the truth is that everyone is much simpler than you can think, since you just have to choose the effect to be executed and then modify the slider at discretion until you get what you want. is desired. Surprising and effective, everything must be said.

Apart from changing the face it is also possible to do the body’s own, for example with the curves it has. Simplicity is exactly the same as what we have said about the face, which is obviously positive. But not everything is positive in Candy Camera, since in our opinion the advertising is abused and, when accessing the store where it is possible to find more editing options – some of them for free – the organization and this should be much more intuitive.

Candy Camera – download this Android application

Something that should be known about this development is that it is possible to achieve it at no cost in application stores such as Galaxy Store or Play Store , where the security of what is installed is complete. If you are one of those who like to make many portrait-type photos, it is not a bad idea to try this work on your terminal with Android operating system.