Can you notify me of a ticket by email?

It has probably happened to you that you have seen a radar and you do not know if you have been fined. One option is to wait to see if you receive the notification of the infraction committed and, if time passes and you do not receive anything, stay calm. But you can also check the traffic fines you have on the internet. Now, how do they do it from the DGT? Can they do it via email?

The current system of fines makes it difficult to get rid

Can you notify me of a ticket by email

Certainly the fact that we receive a fine has very little grace, especially in these times when almost no one has money to spare. And the problem is that, in addition, when we are notified of a fine, it does not matter if we try not to notice it, trying to gain time. The truth is that the current system of imposing fines makes it very difficult to get rid of them.

In those, what we see is that the current tax system is designed to ‘push’ the theoretical offender to pay without it being worth it to show their disagreement and appeal the fine except in very specific and flagrant cases.

That is when you should know that, first of all, the fine can be notified either on the spot by an agent of the authority or by certified mail after a few days . The maximum period for notifying a minor sanction is three months and six months in the case of serious and very serious infringements.

The DGT never notifies a fine by email

If you have never received a sanction of this type, it is normal for you to wonder how to know if you have received it. The usual procedure is for the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) to send a letter to your address, this being the official notification that gives you notice of the sanction.

However, this letter may take a few days to arrive after you are sanctioned, or even get lost and not arrive at home. It may also happen that you have recently changed your address and they send the letter to your old residence, so you would not end up finding out.

But what about email? Is it a fair way? The reality is that no, and the road agency itself has wanted to pay attention to this. Why not; At no time will we be notified of a fine that we have had on the road by email. Thus, if you receive a penalty, it is important that, before paying or appealing it, you check that it is from the DGT, review the data and check that all the information is correct.

As such, these fines are reported only through one of the following channels:

  • Postal mail (with subsequent sending to the Edictal Board if we have not been able to locate you at your address).
  • Electronic notification through the DEV – Electronic Road Address.
  • If you receive a notice of a traffic ticket by email, it is a fraud . The DGT NEVER notifies you of your fines by email.

It is best to register in the electronic notification service of the DGT

Thus, sending alleged traffic tickets by email is the tip of the cybercrime iceberg. Identity theft via email (email spoofing) is very common. According to the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE), “emails are sent with a false sender to send spam, spread malware or carry out phishing attacks and impersonate company managers, suppliers, customers, etc.

multa dgt servicio notificación electrónica DGT

Because of this, it is best to register with the DGT electronic notification service . You just have to enter this link and provide your personal data, your email and telephone number.

When you are registered, the DGT will send a notice to your email every time you are sanctioned, and it will also do so via SMS message to your mobile phone. This way you will not need to check your mailbox when you think you may have received a fine.

Another alternative to find out if you have been given a traffic fine is to consult the BOE’s Single Edictal Board, where sanctions are publicly communicated. Although the option of electronic notifications from the DGT will be more comfortable.