5 tricks to get the most out of your electric scooter

More and more people have an electric scooter to move around the city. Those short (or sometimes not so short) journeys that a car can choke on, between rush hour traffic, searching for parking and other inconveniences, are a ride in these personal mobility vehicles. And more in these months of good weather. For this reason, and so that you can get the most out of it, we are going to show you a series of tricks that you must take into account.

The electric scooter, for everyone

5 tricks to get the most out of your electric scooter

The proliferation of the electric scooter, a practical, economical and sustainable means of transport, has brought with it an urban fabric that has taken over most of the streets of large cities.

It is no longer the children who ask for it, but now the users are the young urbanites, but also the elderly. They use it as a means of transportation to get around in their day to day. Thus, its role as a toy was far away and now we have it as another vehicle to move around the city.

The truth is that, through the various models, brands and types of VMP, its appearance on the streets has been so fast and spontaneous that it has caught more than one off guard. In fact, it is quite feasible that users begin to have several doubts about its performance and how we can do to get the most out of it, both when recharging and in use.

What can you do

So much so that no one is surprised to see these PMVs (Personal Mobility Vehicles), such as electric scooters, circulating on urban roads alongside cars or other types of vehicles. As with most electrical devices, users are looking for ways to maximize their autonomy and thus the performance of their battery.

In this way, and with the aim of being able to maximize the use of our personal vehicle and how we can make sure that the battery they include continues in the best possible state over time, we are going to tell you below for some very useful tips and tricks. useful that you can get the best way.

Eficiencia patinete eléctrico

Don’t let the battery reach 0%

The main thing, and something fundamental for everyone, is that it is important to prevent the battery from being completely discharged , since this affects its health that can ultimately cause it to have to be changed prematurely.

The ideal would be to always keep the battery at charge levels that range between 20% and 80% . That is, as long as it is possible to load the scooter before it drops below 20%. It will also be beneficial for the battery to be fully charged (up to 100%) every so often.

Use the official charger

It is essential for battery optimization to use the original charger from the manufacturer of the electric scooter. Currently, there are several manufacturers that produce specific chargers for each of their models, thus helping to avoid overheating during the charging process and to maximize the level of performance.

Therefore, in case of loss or breakage of the charger, we recommend not to use a charger made by third parties and to contact the technical service so that they can help to discover the source of the problem.

Check tire pressure

One of the most important sections and that we take the least into account is to maintain adequate pressure in the wheels of our electric scooter, and that will be one of the tricks with which you can have greater efficiency .

This aspect is fundamental since it is the wheels that are in constant contact with the ground, and having the right pressure can make the grip they have optimal so that our vehicle requires the least possible effort and consequent battery consumption. These are your most suitable pressures:

  • Recommended pressure for 8.5″ wheels : 3.6 bar / 52.2 PSI.
  • Recommended pressure for 10″ wheels : 3 bars / 43.5 PSI.

Velocidad patinete eléctrico trucos

Do not drive at full speed

The driving style -and also the route on which it is circulated- conditions the autonomy of the scooter. To optimize battery performance it is important to drive efficiently.

In this sense, it is recommended not to circulate at maximum speed . Acceleration and braking should also be avoided. Ideally, the scooter should be allowed to decelerate little by little, if this is not possible, it should be braked gently.

Do not handle any of the original parts

Among the best tricks (and the ones that will also be most useful) for your electric scooter is not to manipulate them. This is because they are manufactured as standard to work in the most efficient way.

Therefore, any modification that is made can reduce the performance level of the battery. In addition, these customizations often lead to an increase in vehicle weight, which means that the engine needs more power to work properly. And this reduces battery life.