Can Our Mobile Be Folded by Carrying it in Our Pants Pocket?

There are many people who carry their phone in their pants pocket on a regular basis, something that although it should be harmless to our phone can sometimes become a real nightmare. That is what we have usually heard for years as a result of a serious problem with the iPhone but we ask ourselves, is this a myth or a reality?

A few years ago the users of the iPhone 6 came face to face with a sad reality, and that is that many of them had complained that their phones were bending when carried in their pants pocket. And yes, it was, those mobiles were prone to it, but after all this time, what risk does your mobile run if you are one of those who keeps the mobile in your pocket?

Can Our Mobile Be Folded by Carrying it in Our Pants Pocket

The risk exists

Those problems with the iPhone 6 were a turning point when it came to preventing these types of problems in mobile phones. The problem in that case was that the structure of the phone was not robust enough to support the weight of our body when we did not sit with the terminal in the back pocket of our pants. As we say, there are many people who wear it like this, and normally nothing happens, but this is something that depends on many factors.

moto z bend test

In recent years we have seen how most mobile phones that reach the market have greater resistance to this type of situation . Its structures have been reinforced to prevent the rear part of the front from detaching with the screen, and above all so that the set behaves as just one. In this time, tests that measure the resistance of the phone when bending by making every effort possible have become quite popular. And the reality is that in recent years these problems have been reduced to a minimum, and we could ensure that practically the vast majority of phones are already resistant to this type of problem.

Are there mobiles more prone to bending?

It is clear that it is not recommended to carry the phone in your pants pocket, since the risks are very varied, but above all this risk multiplies when we sit on a solid surface. Logically, there are many factors that influence a phone being more prone to bending or breaking due to carrying it in a trouser pocket.

In this case, mobile phones with plastic or glass backs are the most vulnerable , the first because this material can bend more easily, and in the second case because the glass could break due to an impact or a slight bending of the rear area of the terminal. Although metal or aluminum mobiles are not exempt, since in some cases the phone case can be completely broken. The reality is that the thicker our phone is, the more robust it will be in the face of these problems.

Avoid it whenever you can

Carrying your mobile phone in your pants pocket is a bad idea no matter where you look at it, since not only can it bend when sitting on any surface, but it is an easy target for thieves .

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Carrying the mobile in view in the back pocket exposes our terminal to a series of unnecessary risks, so the reality is that yes, carrying it in this way can pose a risk to our terminal, since although most modern phones They already tend to resist these situations, it all depends on the care we have when sitting on certain surfaces.