Can I use my Google account to log into Windows?

Anyone can download and install Microsoft‘s Windows operating system on their new computer. But to be able to take full advantage of its functions and use it fully legitimately, you need a password and an account.

Can I use my Google account to log into Windows

We are talking about the most used desktop operating system in the world, so the possibilities here are multiple. We have several editions of the operating system that we can choose. Depending on which one we choose, its price varies, how could it be otherwise. And is that Microsoft puts a good part of its efforts in this system due to its enormous use.

But this is not the only company that at the moment can be considered one of the most relevant in today’s technology. We can also find Google, another firm is an important part of our lives technologically speaking. In fact, both companies collide or work in parallel in our teams on many occasions. We have already told you before that to work with Windows in the best way we need to log in with a personal account. We generally use a signature email, which we create for free if we don’t have one.

Iniciar sesión Administrador windows google

This will allow us to have our own Microsoft account and use it on all the software giant’s services and platforms. But it is very possible that on some occasion we have come to wonder if we have the possibility of logging in to Windows with the Google account. And, because of services like Gmail, most of us have an active search signature account.

Sign in to Windows with your Google account

Well, if on any occasion you have asked yourself that question that we are commenting on, initially the answer is that, natively, it is not possible. However, we can always use an alternative way to achieve this, although with certain restrictions that we are going to mention. Although we can not carry out this authentication natively in the Microsoft operating system, or we count that Google launched its Credential Provider in order to achieve what we are looking for now, among other utilities.

It must be said that this credential provider helps us both to log into Windows and to link a Google account with a system profile. Of course, despite the fact that we use this element that we have mentioned, we must also meet a series of requirements to be able to log in to the Microsoft operating system. To start with and as regards the search engine, it is essential that we have a G Suite Enterprise , G Suite Enterprise for Education or Cloud Identity Premium license. This means that a free conventional Google account does not work for us.

On the other hand, and if we focus on Microsoft, this is something that we cannot carry out in any edition of the system. If we have the usual Home edition , this will not be possible to do it. To log into Windows with a Google account we must have a Pro or Enterprise edition of the operating system. Obviously for all this we will have to use a system administrator account.