Can I hire more gigabytes with Digi?

Being able to surf the internet from outside the home is essential. The amount of content that we can view or download depends on the rate that we contract with our operator. In the event that we operate with Digi, we can access a range of very cheap offers that allow the accumulation of gigabytes , although if we run out of data, we can always hire more.

One of Digi’s advantages lies in the ability to accumulate unspent data. Let’s save 100 megabytes or 2 gigabytes, these will be stored for us to use the following month. This is an automated service; however, if we have run out of gigabytes for the month itself, the Romanian company offers us the possibility of contracting more.

Can I hire more gigabytes with Digi?

Hire more gigas

If you are a Digi client you can check the gigabytes, minutes and also accumulated gigabytes that you have left. In the event that you run out of your rate, you can add Extra Megas from My DIGI Account in your application, by dialing *100# on your mobile or by calling 1215. Remember that you can also check the minutes and gigabytes, also the accumulated ones, that you have left . If you are a prepaid customer, you can reactivate your rate or contract a new one during any time of the month.

Previously, the Romanian company had data bonuses to continue browsing at maximum speed. Later they were removed, but after public demands they were made available to the public again. It was in 2019 when the extra bonuses were improved and since then they have not stopped offering more extra gigabytes for less money. Currently Digi allows you to choose between the following options to activate extra gigs:

  • 1 GB for 1 euro
  • 3 GB for 3 euros
  • 6 GB for 5 euros

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As for accumulating gigabytes, you can only do so if you have DIGI Unlimited, Mini or DIGI Combo . The gigabytes that you do not use each month will automatically accumulate. DIGI invoices on the 16th of each month, so it is the previous data that you will enjoy in the next cycle. If you are a prepaid customer, you can also reuse gigabytes, but only if you automatically reactivate your product.

DIGI Mobile Rates

Although DIGI offers rates where a fixed and fiber service is provided, we will focus on the rates that the Romanian company offers exclusively for mobile. They come in three different tiers and include free Digi-to-Digi calls. They are the following:

  • Mini
    • 100 minutes to mobiles and landlines in Spain and 3 GB for 3 euros
  • Unlimited
    • Unlimited calls and 10 GB for 7 euros
    • Unlimited calls and 20 GB for 10 euros
    • Unlimited calls and 50 GB for 15 euros
    • Unlimited calls and 100 GB for 20 euros
    • Unlimited calls and data for 25 euros.
  • combo
    • Combo 5 with 100 minutes and 6 GB for 5 euros
    • Combo 10 with 400 minutes and 20 GB for 10 euros
    • Combo 15 with 800 minutes and 50 GB for 15 euros
    • Combo 20 with 2000 minutes and 100 GB for 20 euros

Digi’s unlimited rate is especially noteworthy, which is offered for 25 euros per month . This not only theoretically allows us to browse unlimitedly, but also offers unlimited national and international calls and a thousand SMS. As for the gigabytes, they are not infinite, but the operator does not specify a limit, but rather it depends on various factors, although the estimated number is around 111 GB per month, which in practice translates into unlimited gigabytes.