Can a product purchased with Bizum be returned?

Bizum has just turned 5 years in which it has made our lives easier when making mobile payments and settling accounts with friends. “I’ll make you a Bizum” has become a very common expression. There are already more than 18 million users who use this method of sending and receiving money, which is also spreading to make purchases online, but what happens if we want to return a product purchased with Bizum?

There are several alternatives to Bizum to send and receive money or make purchases online, but Bizum has become one of the most famous tools in our country. Speed, convenience and simplicity are some of the characteristics why users decide to choose this mobile payment sending system, although Bizum is not an application in itself, but is integrated into the application of our bank.

Can a product purchased with Bizum be returned

Returns of online purchases

If we make a purchase in one of the online stores associated with Bizum and later we want to return the item because it was not what we expected, as with other payment methods, the product return policy is established by the store where you have made the purchase. In this case, it is necessary to contact the merchant to manage the return of the item and that they can refund the money for it if their return policy establishes it. Therefore, in this case it is possible to return a product purchased with Bizum.

Through the application of our bank we can consult the purchases made with Bizum that will be displayed in the same section in which the money transfers to friends or family appear. All operations carried out with Bizum in online purchases will reach your bank account linked to the service, so we can always consult them in our mobile banking apps.

Devoluciones de compras en comercios online con Bizum

Return of purchase between individuals

It is very common for us to use Bizum to make purchases between individuals through platforms and applications that put sellers in contact with buyers. Here we enter a bit more swampy terrain as far as the return of articles is concerned. The return will depend on the seller’s decision, since once a Bizum has been made between two individuals there is no way to cancel it, so it will be up to the seller to want to have the item back and refund the amount paid.

If we make the payment through Bizum to the person announcing the sale of a product and we do not receive it, it is most likely that it is a scam. In this case, all the information on the operations is registered in the system and the best we can do is report and inform our bank of the event. You also have to be careful when we put a product on sale over the Internet, since there are many cases of scams in which the alleged buyers deceive the seller and instead of carrying out the “money transfer” operation they make a “Request for money” trying to get the person who wants to sell the item to accept it and thus be able to receive the money.