Calls on the mobile that do not ring: all the solutions

Calls on the mobile that do not ring

One of the mobile problems that can give us the most headaches is the fact that calls do not ring, especially if we use the smartphone to work. The reason that your Android is not heard when calling us can be due to several different causes, so we are going to try to solve each and every one of them.

We must be clear that, in the worst case, the speaker of your phone may be broken but, most likely, it is that we have inadvertently silenced it or touched some aspect of its configuration that is preventing it from we know when someone tries to contact us.

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Are they calling you?

Before getting into the worst, it is best to make sure if the calls are coming to us. More than anything, because if we do not receive them, it will be impossible for the phone to emit any type of sound. Obviously, this is so easy to check com over on the screen that an incoming call appears but, no matter how hard we try, the audio does not sound.

However, simply having airplane mode or call forwarding enabled can prevent your smartphone from working properly.

Check airplane mode

When this mode is enabled, phone calls are sent directly to voicemail. This would imply that not only are you not going to listen to them, but you are not even going to receive them on your terminal. However, it is possible that the settings will be messed up after leaving this mode and you will have to turn it on and off again to see if you hear the ringtone again when it tries to contact you.

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You can find it from the shortcuts panel, which you access by sliding your finger from the top edge of the screen, or from the Connections menu present in the Settings app on your phone. Check that it is disabled, and if so, turn it on and off once again.

call forwarding

Some older Android devices have call forwarding settings that involve contacting the carrier but today this setting can be enabled from the phone app settings.

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If you had it activated, you should not receive any type of alert or call, but it never hurts to check that it is deactivated to rule it out as the source of the problem you are experiencing.

Is it a software or hardware problem?

After verifying that we do not have airplane mode or call forwarding, it is time to rule out whether it is a software or hardware problem. In most cases, we will be able to solve it because the problem with the sound is due to a bad configuration or because the terminal has been ‘stuck’ .

For this reason, the best way to rule out if the error is only in the calls is to go to any video platform, such as YouTube, and play a clip. If it sounds, it means that the fault could even be in the tone of the device’s alarms and notifications, so later we will tell you what you will have to do.

In case it doesn’t sound at all and you have set the volume to maximum , you have to look carefully if the control is correct, as we will see a few lines below.

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Fix the volume of incoming calls

Believe it or not, if you still can’t find the key, you’re not alone. This is a fairly common error among users. Probably, this problem is our fault, we have not already realized some of the following aspects that we will explain to you. Everything will depend on whether the error with the sound of the phone only affects calls or also the mobile in a general way. For this reason, we must check the following points.

speaker’s fault

It is likely that the speakers of the phone may have been damaged in some way, by a blow, sand, water or other liquid. If this is the case, contact the manufacturer of the device or the store where you purchased it to review the warranty of the device and see what can be done. Although, we already warned you that if it has been damaged due to our fault, the guarantee that the smartphone has will have little to do with it.

On the other hand, if the problem with the calls has started to appear out of nowhere, in addition to the fact that the terminal never rings, it is probably a hardware error because it was defective. In that case, the safest thing is that we will not have to assume the payment of the repair.

mobile volume

On most Android phones there are four sliders. Currently, from the volume buttons you can control the sound of alarms, the system, multimedia content, notifications and calls. Take note that the volume corresponding to the ringtone is the one that is not turned off.

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In our case, the ringtone audio is what makes you hear or not your mobile when they call you, while the call volume adjusts the sound while we have a phone conversation. Therefore, check that the icon (usually a bell) is not at the minimum, but to be sure, you can raise all the sliders and test until you find the one that controls the tone of your phone. In this way, you will be able to make sure if it was due to a bad configuration or it is the fault of the smartphone.

Connected speakers or headphones

The rise of Bluetooth speakers, smart devices and headphones means that the sound of the mobile cannot be broadcast from the terminal itself. The latest versions of Android, from the volume control, allow you to control the medium from which the phone’s audio is going to be heard but, again to avoid complications, you should check if you have the smartphone synchronized through this connection or via Wi-Fi with another device that is causing calls to not ring.

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The most opportune thing, before continuing to look for culprits, would be to access:

  • Settings app
  • Connections and Networks
  • Bluetooth

Here you can choose to unlink any accessory that you have synchronized with the mobile or, as you simply want to do a test, turn off this connection.

Check Do Not Disturb Mode

If you are one of those who do not listen to calls, you may have this function activated. With this tool you will not receive any notifications, including incoming sounds. In other words, you are going to receive calls and messages, but the mobile is not going to ring .

This option can be manually enabled or disabled from:

  • Settings app
  • Sound and Notifications
  • Do not bother

Although, there is also an option that allows you to configure it automatically and enable it at a certain time or when the user goes to sleep. We can even set up ‘exceptions’ so anyone can contact us. In this way, the terminal will always ring without problems.

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Problems with the ringtone

If you downloaded ringtones from a third-party app, it is quite likely that the software caused the sound to fail when someone calls us. Try switching to one of the options that comes standard on the phone and see if that resolves the issue with the volume.

If you don’t know how to change it on your smartphone, it will be as simple as going to:

  • Settings app
  • Sound and Notifications Menu
  • phone ringtone
  • Select one of those offered by the system

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format the phone

We still have one more trick left to completely rule out that it is a software bug. In this case, it is best to format the terminal to eliminate this error. So, before thinking it’s a hardware problem, we’ll make it go back to its original state from:

  • Settings app
  • System Options
  • Reset Options
  • Clear all data

Remember that, before carrying out this process, it is important to make a backup copy, as this will delete all the content that we have stored on the mobile, from photos to videos, through apps and any other type of file.

If after resetting the smartphone it still does not ring, it will be time to go to technical support.