Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II safe codes

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II safe codes

Now that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is going to be available to everyone, many players will be immersing themselves in the game’s campaign. An epic story with many surprises and approaches that may not be too convincing for those looking for maximum action, and among which we will also find riddles such as those of the safes.

How to open safes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

Throughout the story we will come across a total of 3 safes , some reinforced cabinets that will hide succulent gifts that will help you complete the mission in a simpler way (who would reject a pistol with a silencer in the middle of an infiltration mission?) .

These are the three safes you will find and their corresponding codes:

The Nameless Mission

In this mission we will have to stealthily approach the mansion of the Nameless One. When the ski mask is put on your head and the stealth and infiltration mission begins, you must go to the upper area of the building (initial objective of the mission) and enter Diego’s room. There you will find a closet, and inside it the long-awaited safe.

The safe code is: 02-02-80

Also remember that in this mission you can take a look at the garage to discover an arsenal of weapons and get a pistol with silencers.

Solo Mission (cafeteria)

They have left you abandoned in Las Almas and you must find a life for yourself. Among the alleys you will find resources with which to make tools with which to defend yourself, and you are going to need everything to be able to face what awaits you.

On your way through, you will come across a trap of cables connected to a shotgun that will be activated by opening a door. Go upstairs and through a hallway to open another door that someone about to slap her was trying to bang open. Go across the hall and into the cafeteria. To the left you will find the door to the manager’s office, and inside there the safe will be waiting for you.

The safe code is: 10-10-80

Solo Mission (mechanic shop)

Call of Duty Caja Fuerte

Before reaching the church to meet Ghost, you should be aware of a mechanical workshop called El Maistro that is next to the cafeteria. You’ll see it on the right hand side if you look at the cafe from the street, so you shouldn’t miss it. The door is slightly raised, you will have to go under it to enter the garage and then go to the manager’s office. In there you will have the safe.

The safe code is: 37-60-80

Call of Duty Caja Fuerte

These are the three safes that you can find throughout the game. As you can see, they are quite compacted within the story, since they are basically found in the stealth missions. There are no more safes than these, so look no further. You can now stop checking every corner of the map.