Call of Duty Mobile: The tricks to level up fast

Call of Duty Mobile: The tricks to level up fast

When we talk about Call of Duty, we make it one of the quintessential shooter of video games . The saga has multiple throughout history, even for mobile phones. The launch of Call of Duty: Mobile occurred just over two years ago and has gathered millions of players since then.

For this reason, it may be quite difficult to start playing today, since the vast majority of users will be at a very high level . But don’t worry, there are some ways to level up fast. This way you will be at the height of your rivals in terms of unlocked weapons.

Gameplay matters

This is one of the most decisive factors when it comes to gaining more experience to climb the ranks. In COD Mobile you can find a large number of modes as usual, but some are more useful than others to increase your level.

Modos de juego COD Mobile

Two of the best for this are: Team Duel , a modality where you can get about 2000 XP even after losing the battle, the remarkable thing about this type is that they are very dynamic and short games. Dominion , in this mode you must not only kill your enemy, but also defend and capture flags. These items will also give you extra experience.

On the other hand, you can also play the Battle Royale Mode, where you can reach 5,000 experience points. Of course, the games are much longer and you should be aware of other aspects that under normal circumstances you would overlook.

Small maps

There are certain maps in the Call of Duty saga that are characterized by their small size, thus offering very fast games where you can get many kills . Some of these maps are Nuketown and Hijacked.

In these cases, madness takes over the games and you can achieve a huge amount of experience in a very short time.

Remember every respawn

Each map has a specific spawn zone. The key is to know those spawn points and make the most of them . Keep in mind that when enemies respawn they have a few seconds of invulnerability.

NukeTown COD Mobile

Even so, if you learn where the enemies appear depending on the position of your team, you can end the game with many casualties and as a result gain much more experience . Be careful not to go into their respawn, since you will change it completely and they will appear in a different area, so it is key to control the distances.