Buy Storage Space in Mega: Features, Plans and Prices

Mega is one of the best cloud storage services currently available because it is the one that offers the most space for free, with up to 50 GB per account without paying anything. Even so, if it seems insufficient or if you want to have better bandwidth, you can buy space in Mega to have room for everything you need.

Beyond the 50 GB free with limited bandwidth to 10 GB every half hour, you can buy space in Mega if you want to store much more. You can have up to 16 TB of space with transfer limits of up to 16 TB if you bet on any of Mega’s monthly plans.


Mega plans

If you want to buy space in Mega, there are four different plans with a monthly price that you will have to pay to maintain the service. One of the advantages is that if you bet for a year of a Pro plan, they will give you two free months in which you can use the service without paying them. And beyond the space, among the PRO features is to configure password protection in your files or folders or configure the expiration date of public files.

What should you keep in mind?

  • The space or storage that you will be able to use
  • Transfer fee : total volume of data transferred each month
  • The transfer speed that will be similar in PRO plans or in free accounts and that does not depend on the transfer fee but on other factors such as your service provider, the local network, etc. MEGA ensures that it always tries to ensure that the speed is the maximum possible, whatever your account.

What plans are there?

There are four plans for personal use, one LITE plan and three PRO plans.

  • Lite Plan for 4.99 euros per month with 400 GB and 1 TB transfer
  • Pro I Plan for 9.99 euros per month with 2 TB and 2 TB transfer
  • Pro II Plan for 19.99 euros per month with 8 TB and 8 TB transfer
  • Pro III Plan for 29.99 euros per month with 16 TB and 16 TB transfer

There is also a business plan that requires a minimum of three users, with a price per user per month and that not only allows the previous functions but also has user management tools and all kinds of options for the professional field. It is a Business Plan for 10 euros per month with a minimum of 3 users and with unlimited storage and unlimited transfer. It includes:

  • All the space you want or need
  • User Management Tools
  • Communication with the team by text or calls
  • Possibility to share documents with clients
  • Making calls with suppliers or customers
  • User statistics and usage data of your device
  • Possibility to migrate data from one user to another account if it goes
  • Access from any device with mobile or desktop apps

Buy space

If you want to buy space in Mega, you will first have to have an account . Just by creating it you will automatically receive 50 GB that you can use for whatever you want. Once you have your account, you can choose from the available storage plans and fill in a series of questions and options.


For example, you can choose how long you want your plan to have: a month or a whole year. You can also choose to have your plan renewed or not automatically. In the case that you mark yes, you will not have to worry about paying month by month but it will be charged to your card until you decide to unsubscribe from Mega.

  • Go to the Mega page
  • Login with your username and password
  • Go to the gear in the lower left corner
  • Go to “My Account”
  • Click on “Expand Account”
  • Choose from the four available plans, Lite and Pro
  • Choose a payment method (Coupon, VISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin …)
  • Choose the duration of the plan: one month or one year
  • Decide whether or not you want it to be renewed automatically
  • Confirm with the “Expand Account” button
  • Fill in your purchase information
  • You will have the space available for whatever you want and need

Comprar espacio en MEGA

Cancel renewal

If you want to avoid having your plan renewed, you can do it from your Mega profile. Even if you have a paid account, you may not want to pay for it again after the month or year you have contracted.

  • Go to mega
  • Login with your data, username and password
  • Go to your account settings
  • Open the “Plan” option
  • Choose Account Type from the side menu
  • Go to “Renewal”
  • Cancel automatic renewal if you have it activated

Cancel Account

If you want to stop using Mega, you can cancel the account. In the case of having a monthly plan, just wait for it to expire in order to eliminate everything. In the case of an annual plan that you have already paid, you can cancel it once the term you have contracted passes and you will delete everything stored.

When you delete or cancel your Mega account you will no longer have access to conversations, contacts or data that you have stored in it…

  • Go to mega
  • Login with your username and password
  • Access the Settings
  • Go to “My Account
  • Click on the option “ Cancel account”
  • Confirm with the corresponding button

Cancelar cuenta en MEGA