Best Applications to Unify Online Services in One Place

apps-onlineIt is not the first time that we recommend applications that allow managing different tools from a single window. In recent months this type of proposals has been growing, so we thought it might be interesting to collect the most important ones. So you can decide which one interests you the most. So, here you have the best applications to rule the rest.

The best applications to organize and manage online services

The applications that allow you to organize and manage different services and online tools are basically identical. That is, they all rely on the options that many services have to operate through a web interface. That way, what they are doing is grouping different web viewers in a single window.

That said, one might think that then they are all the same. No, each developer is implementing options and features that add value. For example, using keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between one or another service, workspaces to divide by tool / service according to what we are going to do.

That is why it is interesting to know the different options, to really assess which one may interest you the most. Especially if you intend to use it with work teams, because here there are also differences and advantages when accessing payment options.



Workona is an application that gives you the option to unify different online services and tools in a single app. From Slack to Asana, Google Drive, Telegram, WhatsApp, Trello, Skype, etc. The list is very wide, and as you will see later very similar in most proposals.

The advantages or strengths of Workona are the possibility of grouping services by workspaces . For example, Communication and there only those messaging services such as Slack; Design to access Asana, Trello or Google Drive … Anyway, it is a matter of each one fixed the organization.

Other features are the possibility of launching several services according to “shortcuts” that you can create, create a new file, task or whatever of each service through a kind of search engine / launcher, or the option to restore what you were walking with. working.

With a careful design and many other options, Workona can be used for free or in its Pro mode where there are no limitations and other exclusive features.



Station is another application with which you can control multiple services. There are slight differences with Workona and the like, and that may be good for some and not so good for others. The most striking, in addition to the logical design differences, is that it includes an intelligent Dock that groups and rearranges the services, also a Focus mode that disables notifications and allows you to focus on what you are doing or want to do.

This plus keyboard shortcuts, its ability to centralize everything in a single app, option to connect custom applications and use different accounts of the same service make it very striking. It also has support for some extensions of other services such as Boomerang, Grammarly or MailTracker among others.

With support for Windows, Mac and Linux , little more can be asked. Well, it’s totally free, which it is.


Franz y Cloudmounter

Franz is another alternative that also supports many online services. Its evolution has been very interesting and in the latest versions it works really well. Among its outstanding features is the option to create an account that without interfering with your privacy gives the possibility to synchronize all your services on other computers by simply logging in with that account.

Otherwise, Franz is also available for Mac, Windows and Linux . So little can be reproached or demanded. And if you are going to give it a more professional use, in companies, etc., there is a payment option with advantages. But if it is for individual use it is not really necessary and you can use the free version without problems.

These three are not the only applications of this type that exist, just looking a little there are other options such as Manageyum or Rambox , but with the first you find everything you need and they work really well. So, if you were looking for something of this type and did not know where to start, we hope it has been useful.