Buy a Mobile with Better Fast Charge vs with More Battery?

The evolution of batteries in mobile phones has been very important in recent years, so much so that we have gone from not reaching the end of the day in most cases to being something much more feasible. However, not all brands or smartphones offer us the same and there are those who prefer to opt for a fast charge or a better battery , which calls into question the decision of the users.

We know how complicated it can be to decide on a smartphone and the battery issue will be one of those aspects that will give you pause. To try to resolve this great doubt, we are going to weigh the best and worst of each of these advantages, which will make us rethink what we prefer with the conclusions before us.

Strengths and weaknesses of a mobile with better fast charging

This technology that has come to change our habits of mobile use offers us to fully charge the mobile in times that were previously unimaginable. In many cases we only need a few minutes with the charger and a plug to go from having 20% battery to having the mobile practically full, which offers us to continue with our day without fear that it will turn off without a battery.

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However, a fast charge coupled with a “mediocre” battery will force us to always carry with us the original charger or compatible with this fast charge, have a plug nearby and live pending the percentage of battery we have. The lack of autonomy will continue to be a problem that fast charging cannot alleviate and may not be what we need.

Why yes and why not think about a mobile with more battery

Instead of a great fast charge, there are smartphones that boast a battery so large as to have enough autonomy for several days, this of course will depend on the use of each user, although it far exceeds what other models offer us. In this way we can leave the house without worrying about charging the mobile, it will be time to sleep and we will still have the capacity to move on.

This, on the other hand, means that we will have to carry a thicker and heavier mobile , since the battery requires its space. In addition, we will be losing the possibility of charging it quickly in case we need it, and if one day we trust ourselves to have enough battery, we may be surprised if we have to use the camera or GPS more.

The solution: find the balance

The best alternative to these doubts is the one that allows us to try to find a smartphone that offers us a fast charge to match and a more than enough autonomy to finish the day, something that manufacturers try to achieve in all their ranges and prices. For most users it is so important to be able to leave the house without the charger, as that in an emergency an extra battery will come in handy and for this it is very important to know the types of fast charging in mobile phones to know the possibilities of each technology by brand.