Bugs When Using the Browser and Compromising Security

When browsing the Internet, visiting web pages or downloading files, we can put our security and privacy at risk. There are many factors that influence and we must at all times avoid making mistakes. However this happens on many occasions. We are going to explain what are the main mistakes that users make when using the browser and we put our computers at risk without realizing it.

Errors when using the browser that affect security

The browser is one of the programs that we use daily. We use it to enter web pages, use email, social networks, perform searches … It is therefore an indispensable tool in our day to day life. But this also makes hackers on the lookout and can take advantage of mistakes we make to launch their attacks and steal information .

Bugs When Using the Browser and Compromising Security

Therefore, it is convenient to know at all times what are the most important mistakes we make and know how to avoid them. We are going to show some points to take into account and thus reduce the risk of personal data being stolen or infecting our systems.

Install any extension

Undoubtedly one of the most common errors is installing any extension in the browser . This is a problem, as we could compromise security to a great extent. We can say that we have very varied accessories, which help the operation and achieve functions that do not come standard with the program.

Now, you have to bear in mind that there are many extensions that can be dangerous. Many add-ons that have been maliciously designed to attack our computers and put privacy at risk. We must therefore make sure very well what we are installing.

Not keeping the browser updated

Another mistake is not having the browser always with the latest versions . There are many failures that can arise. Those vulnerabilities can be exploited by hackers to carry out attacks. Hence, we must always install the patches and have everything correctly updated, in order to correct those errors.

Cambios para mejorar la seguridad y privacidad

Trust everything to antivirus

One thing to keep in mind is that having an antivirus is not synonymous with being protected. It is true that it is a fundamental program to prevent the entry of viruses and malware in general, but that is not enough.

We must complement it with other programs, other tools that can be very useful. For example we talk about a firewall or even extensions that protect us. But in addition there is also to correct the vulnerabilities of the system through updates. It is something similar to what we commit that the private mode of the browser does not protect privacy correctly.

Download from unofficial sources

It is another of those common mistakes that we make with the browser. We enter a web page and download files without really paying attention to whether it is from an official source or a third-party site that could actually be a threat.

Do not observe the origin of the links

Something similar happens with the links we visit. They’re safe? How did we get there? By simply entering a fraudulent website through a link we can put our equipment at risk. Hence, it is essential to observe very well at all times the origin of these links.

In short, these are some of the main mistakes we make with the browser and that could put our security at risk. We must avoid these problems to keep our privacy safe at all times.