Bugs in FIFA 21: the ball hit the crossbar is unstoppable

FIFA 21 Bug

What would FIFA be without its bugs. Year after year we have seen how the game gave us very funny moments with errors caused mainly by its physics system, but the latest that happened in FIFA 21 far exceeds everything we had seen so far.

The floating chut center

FIFA 21 bug

There are centers that are true surface-to-air missiles, but this long shot by Reddit user BuschLatte146 was a real poison shot, so much so that the ball floated over the goal line in a place unreachable for the rival goalkeeper. As it did? It will probably not happen again, and the situation is the result of a bug that we will see if it reappears on the networks.

As you can see, the strange effect was compounded by the comical situation that neither the rival goalkeeper nor his defense were able to reach the ball to clear it or catch it, so the forward of our protagonist was in charge of introducing it into the goal, but not before stumbling and falling before the nets.

Although in reality, it is not the striker who scores the goal, but his presence, since his appearance makes the other players move, causing them to collide with the post and the swing of the crossbar finally ends the fall of the ball. That is to say, the ball has been stuck to the crossbar during all that time, and a hit to the post has caused it to fall, as if it were a ripe fruit. Amazing.


How did you manage to get that shot?


The initial throw from the center of the field is quite simple, and it is a shot that many players tend to try often, either out of curiosity, determination or simple boredom. To do this, all you have to do is hold down the quality shot button and press the center ball button, although you will have to indicate the exact orientation and the perfect power so that the ball does not go to the stands.

Other FIFA bugs

FIFA is a spectacular game, and today it is one of the best soccer games ever, but its complexity and respect for the physics of the ball has caused it more than one dislike in the form of a strange bug. The networks are full of videos of these strange errors, which although they directly affect our game and, on more than one occasion, play it to us when it comes to climbing the division in Ultimate Team , in the end they leave us extremely funny moments that we like remember it. Of course, it is better to laugh at someone else’s evil than to suffer it in our own flesh, right?