Hot to Fix: Err_name_not_resolved in Chrome

Google Chrome is today the most popular browser and used by users. It is available for all platforms and systems, including Windows 10. It has many interesting tools and functions, as well as additional extensions that we can add. Of course, sometimes you may have certain problems in its operation. Some of them can be easily corrected since it is usually a bad configuration. Today we are going to talk about how to solve the Err_name_not_resolved bug.


How to fix the Err_name_not_resolved bug in Chrome

The Err_name_not_resolved bug that appears in Google Chrome occurs in Windows 10. Basically this means that we cannot connect to the Internet. We cannot use this program to navigate normally.

It should be mentioned that this error may appear as it has been written, but it also appears in other variants. In all these cases we will not be able to surf the Internet correctly and it may be due to a problem with DNS, the Wi-Fi network or the router itself. These are the alternative messages we can find:

  • Err_name_not_resolved WiFi : here logically we are facing a problem with the Wi-Fi network. It may happen that the drivers are outdated, that we have installed an application that creates conflict, etc. It is advisable to always keep the drivers correctly updated.
  • Err_name_not_resolved DNS : in this case it can be the DNS. It is another of the most common failures when this type of message appears. We can change DNS and see if the problem is solved.
  • Err_name_not_resolved Internet Explorer : it may happen that the error appears in other browsers and Internet Explorer is usually the most affected. The advice that we will explain below could serve to avoid this failure.
  • Err_name_not_resolved router : the router is a fundamental part of surfing the Internet. This also sometimes causes problems that cause a malfunction. Simply by restarting the device we could solve certain faults.

Check antivirus

One of the most important points to solve these errors that we mentioned is to control the antivirus . Checking that it is not blocking the connection is a first step that we must have. This is also joined by the firewall, in case we have.

Sometimes security tools can cause problems to connect to the network. They are very useful to protect us from the multiple threats that are present, but they could also be a problem to connect us correctly.

Use the Command Prompt

Through the Windows 10 Command Prompt we can execute a series of commands that help us solve problems. To start it, we simply have to go to Start, type Command Prompt and open it with administrator properties.

Once here we will execute a series of commands:

  • Ipconfig / flushdns
  • Ipconfig / renew
  • Ipconfig / registerdns

Change DNS

As we saw briefly before, another of the failures that Err_name_not_resolved can cause is due to problems with DNS. We have the possibility in Windows 10 to change them easily and see if this is corrected.

To change it in Windows 10 we simply have to right click on the icon in the taskbar, at the bottom right, access Open Network and Internet settings, enter Ethernet and click on Change adapter options . Now we click on the network name with the second button and enter Properties . Click on Internet Protocol version 4 and Properties again. There we have to put the DNS that we are going to change.

Cambiar DNS en Windows 10

Clear the cache in Chrome

A final solution to solve the Err_name_not_resolved problem in Google Chrome is to clear the browser cache. To do this you have to go to chrome: // net-internals / # dns in the toolbar and clear cache. Once this is done we will only have to restart the browser.

In short, if we encounter this error that we mentioned when browsing Google Chrome, we can carry out these measures that we have mentioned to try to solve the problem.