You Can Now Download the Adobe Photoshop Camera App for Android (preview)

With so many camera applications available for Android, it was strange that one of the leading companies in the photographic edition was not present in this type of applications. Well, Adobe announced a month ago its application Adobe Photoshop Camera , a tool that with the help of artificial intelligence you can get spectacular results in your photos in addition to applying very striking effects with a couple of clicks. Did you feel like trying it? Well , you can download it now !

Download Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Photoshop Camera

The application has just appeared on the networks in Preview version, and although it is not the final version that will officially reach the Play Store, for now it is perfectly functional and you can use it without problems. Adobe Photoshop Camera will be available for both iOS and Android, but for now, this published version is only compatible with Android.

To get hold of it you just have to download it and install the APK as any other application. The application makes use of the new artificial intelligence platform of Adobe, Sensei, which will be in charge of recognizing the people and objects that appear on the scene to help you when applying filters.

The filters can be previewed in real time while we aim with the camera of our device (this could slow down some equipment, hence the low compatibility list), although we can also apply them to a photo already taken. The list of effects is quite wide, there are several alternatives within each of them.

Once the application is installed, we must log in with our Facebook, Google or Adobe account. And ready. In the list of “Lenses” you will find a total of 9 pre-installed filters (although you will have to download them the first time you use them). In addition to those 9 lenses, you can install many more present in the lens library, being able to find some quite curious with very striking effects.

Compatible phones with Adobe Photoshop Camera

As we said before, the official list of models compatible with Adobe Photoshop Camera is quite scarce, however, you should not lose hope, since as they point in XDA-Developers, a Huawei Mate 30 Pro works perfectly with the application, quite the opposite with a OnePlus 7 Pro. Hopefully with the final version this performance problem is improved.

  • Google Pixel 3 / 3XL
  • Google Pixel 3 / 3XL
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 +
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 +
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 +

How to download Adobe Photoshop Camera

The application, being a preview, is not available at the moment in the Play store, but you can download the APK corresponding to version 1.0.41 available in apkmirror , whose link we leave below. We ourselves have tested the version on a Pixel 3 and it works perfectly, although we do not rule out the presence of the occasional error that is finally corrected in the final version that will arrive at the Android application store.