Bose touches ceiling with Dolby Atmos and its new sound bar

Dolby Atmos sound is slowly gaining ground and more and more manufacturers are launching their own compatible proposals as well as services that provide support with content prepared to take advantage of this important improvement in the listening experience. Now it is Bose that arrives with its first Dolby Atmos compatible soundbar.

Dolby Atmos sound from Bose

Bose touches ceiling with Dolby Atmos

September has always turned out to be an interesting month when it comes to releases. After the summer months, when novelties are scarce, the different brands are recovering their normal activity and new products arrive that make us enjoy all this technology, feeling like children with new shoes.

This time it is Bose that is encouraged and launches a new sound bar, but not a normal bar. This is its first Dolby Atmos compatible Soundbar. So, thanks to it, you will be able to improve your listening experience in all those services or supports that offer content compatible with this important sound technology that changes the way you enjoy series, movies and music.

Bose Smart Soundbar 900

The first Dolby Atmos compatible soundbar from the popular manufacturer is the Bose Smart Soundbar 900 . It is a high-end model and that is noticeable primarily by the price. It will cost around 900 euros, so you can already get an idea of the type of product it is and what it claims to offer.

First, it has a design in the line of others of the brand and in particular of its range of sound bars. That means that it not only has quality finishes, but also a neat, sober and elegant aesthetic. Logically it will depend on the taste of each one, but it seems to be an easy proposal to fit into any environment. So the design shouldn’t limit virtually anyone who’s thinking of getting one.

Regarding the connections, this new and powerful soundbar connects to the TV through an HDMI cable using its connector with support for HDMI eARC . Of course, if you want, you could also connect it using an optical audio cable. The problem is that if you opt for this last option, you will not be able to enjoy Dolby Atmos.

For the rest, the bar also offers Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, supports content delivery through AirPlay 2 and also supports Sotify Connect. In this way, from an iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device you can send music directly from Apple Music thanks to its AirPlay technology and users who use Spotify will have the advantage of controlling where it will sound from the app itself.

Cinema sound, but at home

We have already talked about Dolby Atmos sound and its advantages, but to remember quickly to say only that it is a technology that allows each sound to be placed in the spatial position you want. So a guitar, for example, can give the feeling that it is projecting its sound from the upper left side with respect to the position you are sitting in, the drums playing in the center and in front of you, etc.

Well, that with content prepared for Dolby Atmos is what this soundbar allows: to enjoy a theater listening experience. Although this time there is also the addition of Bose TrueSpace TM, a technology that allows converting a signal that is neither Dolby Atmos nor 5.1 is another where some elements gain height and allow a richer surround experience than by default. Or that, at least, is the intention of the brand.

What is not clearly stated is the number of speakers available, but so from the images we count a priori 7 and they allow the sound to be projected from the sides, the front and upwards for the rebound and generate that striking sensation .

To all this we must add that you can add both two speakers to gain more presence and a feeling of being surrounded by sound and a subwoofer to enhance the bass. And all this without forgetting other software options with which to get more out of a product designed for demanding sound users.

Price and availability

The new Bose Smart Soundbar 900 is now available for preorder and will begin shipping at the end of the month. The price, as we indicated at the beginning, will not be cheap, but not very high considering the type of product it is, since it will cost 900 euros .

It is a product for those who are looking for that Dolby Atmos support mainly. Because if not, if you want to improve the audio quality when watching your favorite series and movies, even listening to music, models within the brand’s own catalog can also be very interesting. As, for example, it could be the Bose Soundbar 300 among other alternatives. So before jumping into it, carefully consider the rest of the possibilities and what your real needs are.