Blurred Photos on WhatsApp: How to Fix and Download Them

We continuously send photos via WhatsApp and we also receive them, to the point of practically losing track of what they have sent us, when or who. Surely it has ever happened to you that you have entered a chat or conversation of the application and there are several photos that are blurred. They are there but they don’t see each other. Why do blurry photos appear on WhatsApp and how can it be fixed or avoided?

When you go to a conversation or chat in the messaging application and you see that your photo is blurred, it has an explanation. Basically, this happens because there is no copy of the picture in question either in the internal memory of your mobile or on the SD card. At some point you have had to delete it from the gallery or you have not stored it and it is too late and you can not access it, so those blurry photos appear on WhatsApp after a while in individual chats or in groups.


What can we do?

The simplest solution is to ask that person to send you the photo you lost again. If you trust your broker, just tell him to resubmit the content. To him, if the file is on his phone, it should not appear as blurry and could easily forward the content to the same conversation. Once you resubmit it, simply download the photo by clicking on the corresponding arrow and save it and do not delete it again from the gallery.

We cannot recover blurry photos on WhatsApp after a while. As they explain from the messaging application itself, once you download a photo on your device it can no longer be downloaded unless they are forwarded to you again.

Automatic download in the gallery

One of the best ways to avoid blurry photos on WhatsApp is to activate the option “ Multimedia file visibility ”. What allows this setting in the messaging application is that a file is automatically saved in the gallery of your smartphone when you download it from the conversation in question. This will ensure that they are in your gallery and you can move or store them in the cloud when you need it and you will not lose them or face blurry photos on WhatsApp.

To activate Visibility of multimedia files in all chats, go to:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Tap on “More options”
  • Go to Settings
  • Access Chats
  • Make sure “Media file visibility” is on


To do it in an individual chat, follow these steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp chat in question
  • Touch on the three options points
  • Click on “View contact or Group info”
  • Tap on “Visibility of multimedia files” and activate it


If you have an iPhone, the steps to follow will be similar:

  • Go to WhatsApp
  • Click on Settings
  • Choose the option of “Chats”
  • Activate the “Save photos” tool

Blurred photos on WhatsApp for loss of quality

In most cases, the blurry photos on WhatsApp that we see are due to this that we have already explained to you: they have been removed from the device or the SD and the application cannot find and display them because they are not on the device.

But you may also see blurry photos because of their quality . If the image sent to you is not too good and WhatsApp reduces and compresses it, it will end up having an even worse quality and will not look properly.

As is logical, WhatsApp does not share your photographs with the original resolution since the application sends and receives thousands of images every day and could not support the volume that this implies. That’s why he reduces and compresses them before sending them.

If you see that the photos you send by WhatsApp lose too much quality, you can use a trick to send files in their original resolution, conserving their weight and without being compressed by the messaging application. If it is something important or that you need the other person to print, you can do so to make sure.

  • Go to the conversation window where you want to send it
  • Click on the usual icon to attach, the clip
  • Choose the “attach document” option and not attach photos
  • Click on “Search for other documents”
  • Find the photo you want among the mobile folders
  • Send the image in question to that contact

Thus the photograph will be sent in the quality that it has, without compressing and without reducing. If it’s quality problem that you see blurry photos on WhatsApp, so you can fix it.