The Best Alternatives to Shazam to Identify Songs on Android

identify-songsIt is very likely that you have ever found yourself singing or humming a song that you have in your head for having heard it in the car on the way to work, or when entering a store in a shopping center, and whose melody you can remember, but of the which you don’t know the name You think: ” This song sounds a lot to me but I don’t remember what it is called ” and the song ends, and they don’t say its name. At that moment you curse a few times for not having put the radio a little earlier to know the name of the song when presenting it.

However, and for some years, we have wonderful applications that thanks to the detection of the spectrogram of the frequency of your notes obtained through the microphone of our smartphone we can find out the name of that song that we like so much. Shazam has fulfilled this task for years, although some time ago it was bought by Apple, and it remained as a payment app for Android users. Although Shazam is free again, many applications similar to Shazam have emerged that are great alternatives and work just as well, and that we bring you in this list of the best alternatives to Shazam for Android.

Google Voice Search

You may find it strange to see this, but recently Google has added this functionality on all Android devices. Thanks to the Google assistant and through the ” Ok Google ” command, and immediately followed ” what song is this ” our voice assistant will listen to the ambient sound and be able to recognize the name of the song we are listening to. This is a wonderful function since we do not need an extra application that takes up space on our device, Google provides it as standard.

SoundHound – Search and music reproduction

SoundHound can be downloaded for free if banner ads don’t bother you, or you can download the premium variant of the application, which costs € 5.50. You can use it as a music search engine , and when scanning a song, it also tells us the lyrics and album of that song. SoundHound uses QbH (Query by Humming), a different algorithm from Shazam, which allows even speech, singing and even hum to be recognized.

Deezer Music

Deezer is a service similar to SoundCloud in which you can store your songs to listen to them whenever you want. However, they recently launched a new function called « Hunting songs » that allows them to be identified and then listened to on the same platform, although you can only identify songs that are in your database, which, with 56 million songs available, will not mean big problem.

Developer: Deezer Mobile
Price: Free

Genius – Song Lyrics & More

Genious is an interesting application that apart from finding songs that interest us, will also make available the lyrics of the song. This app really revolves around the lyrics of the songs , since it has a huge database with lyrics of millions of songs, but it also has the function of discovering new music and recommending songs that we might like.

WhoSampled: Explore the DNA of Music

WhoSampled is another app that lets us know the name of our songs thanks to its sound wave recognition technology. In addition, the application offers us a song explorer that will allow us to discover new artists, musical styles, lists, we can even visualize the lyrics of a large number of songs.

Beatfind: music identifier

Beatfind is an application whose main purpose is to identify music. It has extra functions such as a proprietary song player and a very colorful and striking feature such as the use of a strobe that synchronizes with the rhythm of the song we are listening to. It is an exclusive Android app but it contains a lot of advertising because it is free

Price: Free


Musixmatch is used by millions of people to instantly get synchronized lyrics for YouTube, Spotify, Pandora and many others. With the latest updates very interesting functions have been included, such as identifying songs or automatically translating songs in streaming, a unique feature of this application that certainly deserves to be tested.

Developer: Musixmatch
Price: Free


MusicID is an app whose main tool is the identification of songs, but it has many other functions such as adding notes and locations to the identified songs to remember where we discovered them, access the pages of artists with photos, biographies and other topics yours, watch concerts on YouTube, etc. It also allows you to listen to new songs that are coming to market.

Price: Free

Soly – Song and lyrics search engine

As the name implies, Soly is an application whose sole purpose is to identify both the song and the lyrics of the song. It is a simple app and weighs very little , so many may find it ideal if they have a terminal with little storage space or want a simple app that fulfills its purpose.

Music Detector

Music Detector will listen to the song you need and then let you know the name of the song, the name of the singer and all the other information you want. This is also an excellent application to find music. Music Detector works with all kinds of music sources, be it radio or a compilation of music on the Internet, among others. While you can listen to the song, you will not have too many complications to identify it, so it is a recommended app for different types of situations .

Price: Free