BlackArch Linux 2020.01: new year to learn hacking

BlackArch-linuxEthical hacking distros, such as Kali Linux, or BlackArch, are a type of operating system designed especially for advanced users, amateurs and security experts who are looking for a work tool that is as comfortable and complete as possible to save time on installation of Tools and settings. These distros usually come with all kinds of programs and tools installed by default. And although they may all seem the same at a glance, each distro has its own characteristics.

BlackArch Linux is the most complete ethical hacking distro we can find on the net. This distro has more than 2400 tools installed and configured by default to suit the needs of any user.

In addition, being based on Arch Linux, it is a very customizable, stable distro that consumes very few resources. Of course, its use has all the difficulties that any other Arch-based distro presents, that is, it is not as simple as Ubuntu, it requires a certain level of knowledge about Linux.

Taking advantage of the arrival of the new year, those responsible for this ethical hacking distro have just announced the launch of the new version of BlackArch, 2020.01. A version that comes with important improvements and news as we will see below.

What’s new in the first 2020 version of BlackArch Linux

This new version of the ethical hacking distro par excellence is not one of the biggest updates we’ve seen in recent years. However, it does bring a lot of changes, improvements and innovations of all kinds that will allow any user, both amateur and expert, to opt for it as a suite for all types of pentesting and safety tests.

The first thing to note about this new version is that it brings 120 new tools . Thanks to them, it remains the ethical hacking distro that brings more tools installed by default.

The internal components of the distro have also been updated. For example, this new version now uses Kernel Linux 5.4.6 . The installer has been updated to version 1.1.34. And all the hacking tools and their configurations have also been updated to their most recent versions.

Other changes that have been included in this new version of BlackArch are:

  • The Terminus font to LXDM has been included.
  • URXVT configuration updated.
  • VIM plugins improvements.
  • All system packages have been updated to their most recent versions.
  • The menus have been updated in all window managers.

Finally, indicate that all known bugs and errors have been corrected to date.

BlackArch Linux 2020.01

How to download the new BlackArch Linux 2020.01

This new version of the ethical hacking suite is now available for download, even though 2020 has not yet reached us. The new ISO images are now available to everyone for free from the following link .

We can download the typical Live ISO image to run it without installed, or install it from the ISO, on any computer. Or also the Netinstall, which is much smaller and will download all necessary packages during installation.

We will also have several images already compiled for virtual machines, so if we are going to use BlackArch from VMware or VirtualBox we can save time installing them.

How to update if we already have the distro installed

If we already have the BlackArch distro installed, either on a hard drive or on a USB stick, we don’t have to format. By executing the following command we can update BlackArch to the latest version , having the same characteristics as those that download the ISO image and install it from scratch:

sudo pacman -Syu

When the process is finished we can start enjoying all the improvements and news of the new BlackArch Linux.