I already have Bizum installed, what uses can I give it?

Bizum is a service integrated in the different Spanish banking entities with which we can carry out different procedures and procedures through our mobile device. Once you have Bizum installed, you will have to access your bank’s mobile application to start enjoying the different uses that this payment method provides us.

Bizum installed, what uses can I give it

Uses of Bizum

The option of paying with your mobile has more and more followers. Immersed in the pandemic caused by Covid-19, this payment method has spread among the population, mainly due to the first recommendations by the health authorities to make payments trying to avoid the use of cash to the greatest extent. This system is already chosen by more than 15.5 million users in Spain and many still do not know all the uses that they can give to Bizum.

Send money

To send money through Bizum, all you have to do is have the phone number of the person you want to send it to. Gone are the transfers that take days to arrive. Nor is it necessary to request the IBAN from the person you want to transfer money to.

As simple as accessing your bank’s application, looking for the option “Send with Bizum”, selecting the recipient, indicating the amount and pressing the send button. In this way, settling accounts with your friends or family will be a matter of seconds.

Receive money

To receive money through Bizum we have to follow the same steps mentioned above, with the difference that this time we will select the option “Request money with Bizum”. It is important that when you are about to use Bizum with people you do not know, for example, because someone is interested in an item that you sell over the Internet, you pay vital attention to performing each step correctly. In recent months, these types of sales between individuals have been cannon fodder for scammers. They make you believe that you receive a payment, but in reality what they do is send you a request for you to send them the money.

Envía y recibe dinero con Bizum

Online shopping

If the store you want to purchase online from has payment through Bizum, just select “Pay with Bizum”, write your phone number and validate the purchase through your bank’s app or by entering your Bizum password. The Bizum password consists of 4 digits that you can activate and modify whenever you want through your bank’s app, but not all banks offer this option. These are the businesses associated with Bizum.

Payments in establishments

In addition to using Bizum for online purchases, you can also use this mobile payment method in physical establishments. Today even some neighborhood markets accept payment through Bizum. On the other hand, there is a service that allows companies to pay for promotions, prizes or discounts and to make refunds to customers who are registered with Bizum. In this case, you will have to contact your bank to integrate this function and it will be your bank who will indicate the steps to follow to start using this service in your business.

Collection of lotteries and bets

A little-known use of Bizum by users is that it also allows us to pay and collect the prizes in the State Lottery and Betting Administrations (SELAE) in a quick and easy way.

To use this service, you must access Bizum through our bank and generate a QR Bizum. The person in charge of the establishment will proceed to scan the Bizum QR code and in the case of receiving an award there is no need for validation. If, on the other hand, you are preparing to make a payment, validation will be necessary.

Admisnistración de loterái en España


With Bizum you can also be supportive. Bizum allows you to make a donation to various associations. Everything you donate will be full for the NGO, since Bizum does not apply commissions. To make a donation to one of the NGOs on the list, simply select the NGO or add the associated shipping code that you will find in the NGO list, select the amount you want to contribute and press the send button. The NGO will receive your money right away.