Best websites to search for images that are the same or similar to another image

There are many who say that what is not found in Google practically does not exist. Without reaching such a statement, it is clear that the possibilities offered by the most important search engine on the Internet are as enormous as they are difficult to cover. Its Images section is no exception in this regard, since it allows you to find a huge number of them. Now, do we have tools? The truth is that yes, and very useful. Here we talk about some very complete websites to search for images similar to another.

What utility can we get with them?

Best websites to search for images that are the same or similar

The Google search engine has many interesting features, some we use more often and others we don’t. But without a doubt, in the Internet world there are many tools for very explicit functions. This is what happens this time with the different image websites to find one that may be similar to another.

As such, this is a process that is formally known as reverse image search … and no; It is not unique to Google, as it also exists on other platforms such as the image websites themselves that we are going to learn about below.

In this sense, this method allows you to find the websites where a specific photograph appears for uses such as the following:

  • Spy on your competition. A simple image search and you will know on how many pages the same photo of the product you sell has
  • Check copyright. In the event that you own exclusive rights to a photograph, it allows you to identify which sites are violating them.
  • Improve your SEO. Google rewards originality, so if an image is repeated on many websites, it is better to choose another one or even create a single one (that is, one that does not have results).

These are the most useful image websites

In this sense, when we want to search for an image similar to ours or one that we have seen on a website, we try to search for images by terms in Google until we find something similar. This is given as a task that can be very useful to us, also because of the different uses that we can give it.

Many of them, like TinEye, use image identification technology instead of keywords, watermarks, or metadata. This makes it capable of searching the pixel configuration, so it is not a problem to not know the title or the words associated with said image. But it is not the only one; These are the best websites available to search for images in reverse.

TinEye webs imágenes similares


TinEye is one of the websites that we like the most as a free image search engine. But in the search field, instead of indicating what you are looking for, what we do is place a URL link to an image or, alternatively, upload the image itself if we have it saved on the computer.

This search engine claims to have more than 20,000 million images indexed. Among its peculiarities, the way of displaying the images stands out, directly associated with the original source , that is, the web page where it is posted. We will instantly obtain the results, as is the case with most search engines. The results are displayed in order of best result, although you can change the order to the most changed image, the most recent, the oldest or the largest.


Then we have other reverse image websites such as StartPage, which is ideal for those who value privacy in their searches . They don’t log your IP, have a high SSL encryption score, and claim to be the most confidential search engine in the world.

We should also know that it is based on Google Images, but when you click on each of them, the already extinct ‘view image’ button will continue to appear. The benefit of using StartPage is that the images will be opened anonymously, so your information will not be leaked to the website that hosts them.


WeSEE differs from the most popular search engines on the Internet, such as Google and Bing. Which are dedicated to offering results, both text and images and videos just by entering keywords in the corresponding boxes. In this case, it stands out for its simple interface, which is what allows you to perform multiple searches.

This one also chooses to integrate results of images published on Pinterest . This guarantees the novelty of many of them, something perfect for those who must follow the new trends of social networks.

Yantex webs imágenes similares


Yandex is also very complete. In fact, along with TinEye, this is another of the best websites to search for similar images on the Internet. This is so because its use is identical to the option we have with Google, and because it also shares the possibility of filtering the results by orientation, type, color and other options.

But it is that its search algorithm gives the feeling of being much more powerful. In fact, you can take the test yourself by uploading a photo of yourself to find your doubles . If we add to that that it has fewer ‘scruples’ when it comes to showing the results, it is understood why for many it is a better option.