The Best Websites to Find a Remote Job 2019-2020

One of the dreams for many people is to work without having to take the car and go to the office every day. Advances in communications makes, actually, there are many jobs that can be performed remotely, without leaving the comfort of our home. The only challenge is to find them, but the interest in working at home has not gone unnoticed by many specialized portals in employment of these characteristics.

Work without leaving home: the best websites to find a remote job

Having the job at home, in slippers, without morning jam, does it seem like a dream? And it really is for many people who aspire to have a more balanced life, for example, with their family. Whatever the reason, the challenge is to find a job that allows us to fulfill

In this post we are going to give you the best websites to track jobs from home or freelance , but first, we will discuss the reality and the conditions of having the office without leaving your home.

What do you gain and lose when working at home

And it is that most of those who are dedicated to collect letters on the Internet do it from our own home, so we have made a “master” in regard to working at home.

To begin with, although it is possible to have a payroll, the most normal thing is that you work as a freelancer, that means becoming autonomous and charging for each project. It also means taking care of everything that paperwork is supposed to pay taxes, VAT, etc.

To make it easy for you, we taught you how to register as a freelancer online for a long time , and also, in a single procedure for the Treasury and Social Security. We must also inform ourselves, if we are going to work and bill a foreign company, of the obligations that we must fulfill so as not to fall into problems such as double taxation or tax evasion due to ignorance.

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It is clear that having the office without leaving home is very comfortable, but you will also lose contact with colleagues you will see, and will hear, only in calls or video calls, at best. The chat will be your communication link and if you are a sociable person, it will not be a challenge to get used to having nobody to talk to all day next door.

Now, you will win in time and freedom. Time not because when working at home is “when you want”, the truth is that most of the time is tied to a schedule similar to the office, but all those hours lost in public transport or in the car now They can be taken advantage of. And freedom because, depending on your type of agreement, you can have a little more waist to work on several projects or go out for a moment to run a message.

Trabajar vacaciones

What positions will you find to work from home?

Obviously, there are professions more likely to facilitate remote work than others. Without going any further, editor or journalist , from any field, it is increasingly one of more professions where there are more freelance people.

In this sense, we can also mention the development of software and other positions related to programming (Testing, Q&A, etc.). Another great niche of remote work is customer service , thanks to advances in territories such as IP telephony.

Finally, there are positions in certain sectors such as legal, marketing or sales that usually have external people that only occasionally pass through the office, as well as some financial or management services.

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Where to find jobs in remote

It is clear that until one does not try it, he does not know what he can contribute, so we are not going to give it more turns and then we recommend several websites where you can start looking. You will see that outside Spain these types of portals are much more developed, something that brings us to the last of our tips: you need a high level of English. With that you will not only find a job from home before, but it is likely to be better paid.


We start with the main page for freelances in Spanish. With all the good and the bad that this implies. This website offers projects of companies to which users who want to work on them contribute their budget, or accept what is offered, to carry it out. While it is a good portal to find your first clients, it is not suitable for those who want a “9to5” job from home.

web freelancers

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It is the competition of Freelancer. The advantage is that this website accompanies both companies and freelancers throughout the process, both in the contact and in the agreement of the best proposal, the delivery of the work and, above all, the collection by the worker of the agreed amount.

web freelances malt

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It works similarly to the previous ones. Projects are offered, you sign up for one and start working. It brings one more step in front of Malt and it is that the company, from the beginning, contributes the money that is supposed to be paid for the work. Once this is completed and the agreement is delivered, the funds available to the freelance are released.

web freelance workana

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One of the best known worldwide and, perhaps, from which they have learned the options in Spanish. This works already in English and puts project agencies in contact with professionals who need to find employment but without leaving home.

web freelance upwork

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Again, a page that, on the other hand, is more focused on marketing work such as design, translation, writing or speech. It does not forget the development and programming part, but it is one of the few that focuses more on these issues than on such computer projects.

fiverr web freelance

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This website, above all, offers jobs in the digital and development, teaching, sales or editorial fields. It is possible to sign up as both a company and a job seeker. Perhaps one of its main virtues is simplicity, since it flees from a complicated interface for offers, although it has the fault that the salary to be received is not usually indicated.

web freelance

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It is one of the main communities of remote workers … and that is its virtue. It is more a fishing ground for companies where there are millions of users in which to find collaborators quickly – in fact some like Google or Amazon use it -, and this is also their handicap. Although there are some other categories beyond those related to computer science and development, really the bulk of the work is from this sector.

weworkremotely web freelances

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Working Nomads

Again, a community of “nomadic” workers, those who do not want to lock themselves in the four walls of their office. It is possible to configure a series of alerts to find out when new offers are available and it has a curious interface to search for positions. We can mark the categories that interest us the most and we will be filtering in the home of the web the most interesting posts.

working nomad web freelances

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Again, we have a website that is very minimalist and that far from presenting us with a community portal or with a list of works, bets on offering a personalized search. It focuses on those who want to work from home but in companies around them, so what is presented to us is a job search engine related to the position or place in which we want to carry it out.

nodesk web freelances

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This, again, is very focused on the field of technology as well as customer service, marketing, design and product. There is a “non-tech” section for everything else but we can already assure you that the first five categories are where your entire offer is centered.

remotely people web freelances


Airtasker is one of the most popular freelance website, that connects people who need to outsource tasks with people who are looking to earn money and ready to work, There are a range of tasks opportunities on Airtasker from tasks around the home like deliveries, cleaning, gardening and handyman work to tasks for businesses like office admin, promotional work or computer & IT support. There also a range of creative tasks like photography, graphic design and website & blog support which can help you earn money online.