Best websites to download animated GIFs for WhatsApp

Today in instant messaging applications we share all kinds of content, not just the usual text messages. On platforms like WhatsApp we send and receive links, photos, videos or even animations of all kinds.

This allows us to give a plus of creativity and functionality to the different chats that we open on these messaging platforms. In addition, on many occasions we receive animated GIF files and memes that are running like wildfire on the internet. But it is also true that on certain occasions these multimedia elements that we receive become a bit repetitive. At the same time, it is also important to know that animations allow us to express moods or situations in a much more graphic and fun way.

websites to download animated GIFs for WhatsApp

Hence, more and more these elements replace the usual texts both on social networks and in these applications. However, it may be the case that we want to vary these contents a bit and look for new ones to share through WhatsApp. We don’t have to use the animated GIFs that have come to us so many times through different chats. In fact, on the internet we can find a multitude of content of this type to download for free and later share in our groups and chats on the platform.

Next, we are going to show you some interesting websites especially dedicated to this type of task and that offer us a multitude of content in the form of animated GIFs .


First of all, we will talk about one of the best-known web pages for this type of task and that offers us a huge amount of content of this type. Here we can download these animated GIFs completely free of charge to later be able to use them in WhatsApp. In fact, to make things a little easier for us in this sense, in addition to the web page that we show you here, the platform offers us a mobile application to download these animations directly.


This is another very interesting option of this type to download the multimedia content that we are talking about in these lines. The web as such makes thousands of files available to us that we can download at no cost. In turn, and in order to facilitate the search for what interests us in each case, these contents are properly organized by categories. That way we can find a certain GIF more quickly to later share it with our contacts in the messaging application.


To find the contents of these most original features and later share them on WhatsApp , here we find an excellent alternative. One of the main advantages that this website offers us is that we will have a powerful search engine to locate the animations that interest us more quickly. Likewise, it offers us a couple of drop-down lists to choose content based on the mood or what we want to express graphically.


In addition to having the possibility of downloading the contents in the form of animations that we are discussing here, this website also allows us to upload our own. In this way and if we have a point of originality, we can share our designs with the rest of the globe. Likewise, it offers us a search engine to locate the animated GIFs that we will later share on WhatsApp .