The Best Websites with Free Online Escape Room Games

Although they are a type of game that takes time between us, the truth is that in recent years they have gained great popularity. So much so, that today we can find a lot of escape rooms all over the world, even enjoy a lot of online challenges. Next, we will show some of the websites with the best free room escape games online.


The best websites with online escape room games


It is one of the most popular online gaming websites. In it we can find a section with escape games that we can play from the browser. Of course, the vast majority are in Flash, so it is possible that we have to install some extension in Chrome or use some other browser that allows us to activate the Adobe plug-in. Minigames classify in new games, more played or the ones that other users liked so that we can choose the one that we like the most easily. Go to Minigames.

escape room is another of the websites where we can find all kinds of online games. But if what we are looking for is room escape type games, with a simple search we can find more than 300 online escapism games. Among all of them, we can find games with more childish themes and of different difficulties. Go to .

escape room


Another website with a lot of escape games is addictinggames. Within the more than 30 categories in which the games are classified, we will find one dedicated to escape games. We can find it either from the menu of categories or by doing a search from the search engine that offers us at the top of the home. There we will find all kinds of scenarios from which we will have to escape solving puzzles and riddles . Go to addictinggames .

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Game island

It is another of the most popular sites when we talk about online games. Just visit the web, from the search engine that appears at the top we can do a search for escape games, escape room or escape from the room. Now, to enjoy these games and those of other websites mentioned above, it will be necessary to have Flash activated in our browser. Go to .

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Although it is not one of the best known sites, in myhiddengame we can also find a good catalog of online escape room games. Again, we will have to activate the use of Flash to enjoy them all in our browser. We will find games with all kinds of scenarios from which to escape demonstrating our skills. Go to Myhiddengame .

As its name implies, in Wowescape we will be able to enjoy a good number of escape games, escape room, strategy, puzzles, etc. Within the category, we find games with very different themes and scenarios, from children to adults and different difficulties. Go to wowescape.

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Freeonlinegames or also known as FOG, is a site where we can find online games of all kinds, 3D, adventure, defense, puzzles, sports, etc. Among all the categories, we also find a good catalog of escape games with different themes and scenarios in which we will have to demonstrate our ingenuity to get out of each of them. Go to Freeonlinegames .

Daily games

Another of the websites with games of this type, among many other types, is Daily Games. With the simple fact of performing a search for escape or escape room, we will find a good list of games of this type with scenarios of all kinds, from children, medieval, mysterious, anime, dark, etc. Go to daily games .

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