The Best Websites to Convert ePub eBooks to mobi and Other Formats

Several years ago, avid reading users accumulated hundreds or thousands of books around their house, whether read or not. But times and habits have changed for many users after the arrival of ebooks or electronic books .

The main difference between these and the usual paper, as is easy to imagine, is the physical space they occupy. Moreover, to this we can add that, as a rule books in digital format , are files that do not occupy much. For example, if we compare them to what a video in a movie occupies, the book is much smaller. That brings us to one of the main advantages that ebooks bring us, the convenience in transport.


We tell you this because in an electronic book reader, or on any mobile phone, we can store a huge amount of titles and always carry them on top. Of course, we must take into account that although we talk about ebooks in general, not all of these files are the same. We tell you this because there are many different formats . Thus, we must also take into account that not all devices can read all ebook formats.

Of course, there are more popular and used than other more exclusive, serve as an example that the most widespread and common in these lides is the ePub format. It is for this reason that on certain occasions we can find that we need to convert between electronic book formats in order to read their content.

Webs to convert between ebook formats

Although we can use several programs that we install on the computer for this type of conversion, if we want to do it more quickly, we have another solution. For this we have the possibility of using web applications that we run directly from the web browser. In this way we save having to install and run a program to carry out these electronic book conversion tasks.

To ePub

To Epub ebooks

In the case that we have an e-book in the commented ePub format , which is the most common, and we want to convert it to mobi or any other format, this web application will help us. This is To Epub, which focuses on converting these files that we are talking about to mobi, PDF, FB2 or AZW3 . For this, we only have to click on the Upload Files button to load the books on the platform.

In the same way we will have to select the destination format that we want to obtain from the files that we upload. To finish and depending on the size of the file, a few seconds later we can download the uploaded file , but converted to the other format marked. You can try it from this link .

Another of the proposals of this type that we can use is Online Convert, a cloud platform that focuses on the conversion of e-books or ebooks. To say that this proposal is compatible with a good amount of formats of this type, including ePub, as expected.

online convert

To be able to carry out these tasks, in the left part of the main interface of the web application we find the compatible formats. Thus, we will have to mark the destination file that we want to obtain so that a new window appears to which we drag the files we want to convert . We can also get them from Dropbox or Google Drive, so in a few seconds we will have the converted ebooks. To say that this web application will allow us to customize some metadata of the ebook before converting it. To get the most out of the web application that we mentioned, you can do it from this link .


Another of the possibilities that we can use in this case is Zamzar , a web application that offers us a fairly intuitive user interface. Thus, in order to convert our ebooks to other formats, we only have to click on the Add files button. This will give way to the possibility of selecting the destination format that we want to obtain, so that Zamzar gets under way.

zamzar ebooks

It should be noted that this is an application compatible with most of the electronic book formats that we are going to be able to find at the moment. In order to test this web application, you will do it from here .


This is another free web application to convert ebooks that is characterized by the large number of electronic book formats it supports. Therefore we can convert these files of which we speak to you in a simple way thanks to its intuitive user interface . Thus, in order to carry out all this, we have only to click on the Browse button so that we can load the source files .

aconvert ebooks convertir

After that, we select the output format that we want to use for the converted files that we are going to obtain. To say that at the same time as simple, this is a very fast process, so we will have what we are looking for in a few seconds and efficiently. If you want to try this proposal that we are talking about in these moments from your browser, it is something you can do from this link .


And we will end with the web application called Epubee , another proposal of this type to convert electronic books between different formats. This also includes the well-known ePub or mobi , among many others. Of course, it is worth knowing that this alternative may not support as many formats as other of the proposals mentioned above, but the most important and used.


It is also important to know that here we will be able to work in batches, that is, convert several ebooks at once, which will save us a lot of time. This is very useful if what we need is to convert a good amount of files to a specific format. To say that Epubee allows us to work with the ePub, mobi, PDF, TXT or DOC formats. For all this, it is enough that we begin the process by clicking on the Browse Files button so that we can upload the source files to the platform and we can customize the destination format. To say that if we deal with many at the same time, we will only be able to specify one type of output file for all of them together. To make use of the app, you can try it from here .