Apple increases the production of AirPods Pro in the face of strong demand

The AirPods Pro has undoubtedly been a bestseller in the days after its release. We have been able to corroborate this by observing the influx of people who went to an Apple Store to buy these new wireless headphones and also by how quickly the delivery dates were extended in the Apple Store Online. Faced with this strong demand, Apple would have already taken steps to counter it.

Apple intensifies the production of AirPods

Given the enormous demand that the AirPods have had, and as Bloomberg and Nikkei have learned, Apple has increased orders to the production chain. Specifically, they would have gone from 1 million units per month to 2 million, which means a fairly significant increase. In addition, it is noted that the AirPods 2 with wireless charging case have sold quite well in these months and now the Pro version aims to follow this sales trend.

airpods pro

According to these reports, the AirPods Pro are currently being manufactured by Luxshare in China as had been rumored months ago. This is the same company that would have been responsible for producing the new AirPower that in the end did not come to fruition as we all know.

We are not surprised at all by this move by Apple since in many stores it has become very difficult to find these headphones and we hope that there is enough stock for Christmas. If you remember, with the first generation of AirPods there were many problems of supply to the stores since users wanted to give them by these dates and there was hardly any stock.

Right now we can find the AirPods Pro without any waiting at Amazon at a price of € 279. There are many of us who were looking forward to receiving a discount or a gift card in this Black Friday campaign that the company will carry out in its online store. But we can forget that since Apple does not usually apply discounts to newly presented products such as AirPods Pro or iPhone 11 Pro.

With this increase in the order it is expected that at the end of December the official waiting times will be reduced considerably although it is possible that if the demand continues to increase, an extra order will be required again.

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