The Best Tricks of OPPO and ColorOS

Mobile phones increasingly offer us more possibilities and tools to make our day-to-day tasks easier. In the case of the manufacturer OPPO , in recent years it has experienced considerable growth, both in terms of sales and improvements in the software. If you have recently acquired a device from the Chinese brand, we will tell you how you can get the most out of your OPPO and ColorOS, its customization layer.

With the imminent arrival of Android 12, ColorOS has also traveled in the same direction to bring improvements and new tools for all its devices. This OPPO customization layer is located on Android 10, although there are already models that are beginning to receive Android 11. It is true that the current layer, ColorOS 11, closely resembles the appearance of Google’s operating system. However, it has its own characteristics that differentiates it from the rest. To learn more about the subject, we explain the best tricks you can do with your mobile.

Tricks for the screen of your OPPO

Gestures with the screen off

gestos pantalla apagada

If we go to the Gestures and movements menu we can find a lot of options that you probably don’t know about. First, we will see the option called Screen off gestures . Within it you can apply a lot of gestures to make shortcuts on your terminal, such as making an “O” to activate the camera or access a specific application. The possibilities it offers are immense and can be applied for all kinds of tasks. To activate it you must follow the following steps:

  • In your device settings, open the Settings menu
  • Click on the Gestures and movements option
  • Once inside, select the option Screen shutdown gestures
  • Click on the option Add gesture with the screen off

Screenshots with three fingers

Another novelty that the Chinese brand has incorporated in the latest update of its operating system. To take a screenshot more easily, you just have to slide three fingers at the same time from top to bottom on the screen of your device. You can take a partial capture if you slide your fingers gently or a total capture of the screen if you swipe them.

Activate the smart sidebar

Through this bar, we can add application shortcuts, shortcuts and applications that open floating windows to always have them at hand. Regardless of what you are doing on your mobile and in the tab you are in, you can activate any application or shortcut by dragging your finger from the right side of the screen. This tool is disabled by default, although we can activate it very easily by following these steps:

  • In the settings of your OPPO mobile, access the Settings tab
  • Within this, we look for the Practical tools section
  • Here we will see the Smart Sidebar option. If it is disabled, press the button to enable it.

Tricks to save battery in OPPO

New energy saving mode

This revamped mode includes very useful features. In the first place, we can more easily manage the consumption of the applications that run in the background, they can be closed more frequently, since they are among the elements that consume the most battery. On the other hand, we can limit the synchronization of data and accounts, suppress unnecessary animations and other options that will give us an extra battery when we cannot charge our device.

Smart battery saver

With this new option we will get the mobile itself to manage the battery management for those apps that we use more or less frequently. In this section we will see all the installed applications and you will be able to choose which ones you want to adapt to your liking. Finally, we can also see the details of the battery consumption of our applications, although it still does not show us the time of use of the screen. You will find this option in the Battery section, and on the same screen you will see the tool below with the name of “Intelligent battery saving” .

Tips to improve ColorOS performance

Automatic power off and on

It is one of the most interesting functions in these mobiles. Not many mobiles have it available, so it is a novelty compared to other manufacturers. In addition, it will also allow you to save a little battery. To program it, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • In the Settings of your OPPO, look for the Additional Settings section
  • Inside this you will find a tab with the name of Automatic On / Off
  • Here you can first configure the Automatic Power On . To do this, set the time you want to turn on your mobile.
  • In the case of automatic shutdown, we access it and also set the time we want our phone to turn off.

High performance mode

If we activate this mode, our OPPO will deactivate all battery saving functions and optimize all its features to give you maximum performance, although this also means a higher battery consumption. To activate it, we must follow the following steps:

  • Open your phone’s Settings
  • Look for the Battery section
  • Once there, you will find an option called High Performance Mode
  • Activate or deactivate high performance mode according to your preferences

Tricks for the mobile camera

Burst shooting

OPPO mobiles allow you to take bursts of images to obtain several photos in a very short time. To activate it, all we have to do is hold down the shutter in the camera application. It is missing not being able to do it while recording a video, an option that many devices from other brands include.

Ultra night mode

The new ultra night mode offers incredible results in the videos and photos we take. This tool allows us to capture clear scenes even in cases where the ambient brightness is less than 1 lux, so we can capture very clear images. Plus, it includes noise reduction to take razor-sharp images. To activate it , you just have to open the camera application and go to the toolbar in the “photo” section . There, you will see an option that says “Night” .

System tricks on OPPO

OPPO Share

This feature is available from ColorOS 7 onwards. Through OPPO Share you can share images, videos, files and other documents between two devices of the Chinese brand. To do this, OPPO Share performs file exchange through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, with an average transfer speed of 20MB per second .

It is also available on Vivo and Xiaomi , through an agreement signed by the three brands at the end of 2019. But the most interesting thing about this tool is that it is not necessary to install third-party applications to be able to exchange files. To activate it you must follow the following steps and you have to do it next to the person with whom you are going to make the exchange:

  • First, access the control center of your OPPO device.
  • Once you have opened it, you will find a button with the name of OPPO Share . You must both activate the function for it to work properly.
  • Next, go to the Files section. Find the file you want to send.
  • Hit the submit button
  • Finally, choose the phone you want to send the file to. If it doesn’t detect a device, move closer to the person you’re trading with.

Edit the icons of installed apps

The Chinese manufacturer added the icon editor in ColorOS 7 in the settings menu. In the home screen settings you will find the option to change the style of the icons. When you have opened the menu, you will see different options to change the shape, size and appearance of the icons. This not only affects system apps, they also work for any program downloaded from the Play Store.

iconos oppo

How can we create our own icons? Well, in a very simple way. As soon as you open this configuration menu, you will find 5 options at the top:

  • Default : the latest icon style you created on your mobile will be displayed here.
  • Material Style : if you check this option, the mobile will set the classic Google icons “Material Design” style.
  • Pebble : these almost round icons are inherited from OxygenOS and typical of this operating system.
  • HydrogenOS : the classic icons of the old OnePlus operating system that, remember, is OPPO’s “sister”.
  • Custom : this option will allow you to edit the shape, tamale and outline of your icons in OPPO to your liking.