Best Tools for Remote Screen Sharing

The way we communicate today has changed a lot compared to a few years ago. The Internet offers a wide range of possibilities in this regard. We have many tools at our disposal, many methods to connect with friends or family. Now, if there is something that has exploited a lot in recent times, it is being able to make video calls and connect remotely. In this article we are going to talk about it. We are going to explain what are the best tools for screen sharing with other users.

Best tools for remote screen sharing

We have seen that teleworking has become very common today. We can use different programs to make video calls with other colleagues, friends or family. But we can also share the screen of our team or access another person’s screen remotely.

Best Tools for Remote Screen Sharing

This is very common when we telework. We may need to access the content of another team, carry out some task, help in some process … We can do this thanks to remote screen sharing tools. Let’s see which are the most interesting today.

Chrome remote desktop

First of all we want to name Chrome remote desktop . As we know, Google’s browser is the most popular and used worldwide today. But in addition to being a browser with many functions, it also allows us to use its tool to remotely access other equipment.

One of its positive points is that it is easy to configure . It is simply enough that both computers have this browser installed. It is a quick solution for those who need to share screen or access files remotely.

Of course, as we have said it is a quick and simple option. This means that we will not find some more advanced configurations that we will have in other alternatives. However, for basic users and not looking for too many options, it is a good tool.

Escritorio remoto de Chrome


With TeamViewer we have a classic. It is one of the most used tools and this also makes it have multiple options. It has more than 10 years since it started and that also makes it have a large number of users.

But not only does it offer the possibility of screen sharing with other users, but it also allows you to easily transfer files between connected computers. We can also hold web conferences or presentations.

It is a more professional alternative, specially oriented for those users who are looking for more options, a more complete configuration and have a good tool for their day to day.

A positive point to mention is that it allows group sessions. This is something that not all tools of this type have available to users. It is therefore ideal for group work.

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Without a doubt Zoom has become a very popular tool in recent months. It has gained significant weight with the rise of teleworking. A tool that not only allows us to make video calls easily and with good quality, but also allows remote screen sharing.

It has become a very popular alternative among users looking for such a free tool.

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Microsoft remote desktop

We cannot forget the Microsoft remote desktop . Although it is not the best option for non-expert users, it is still a very useful tool with interesting features. It is available for professional versions of the Windows operating system.

Allows you to share the screen with other users remotely. So we can work in a group, be able to help another person in some task, share files … Of course, it is an option that is especially geared for office use and not so much for home users.

Escritorio remoto de Microsoft


Much more unknown is AnyDesk . It is a totally free program and it has the possibility of being portable. It is very easy to use and we can connect to another team if we know the address.

You have the option of accessing the files remotely without a person physically using the other computer. It has settings to adapt the quality to our connection, for example. This is useful if we are going to connect from a network that does not have an acceptable quality.



Another tool for Windows is MingleView . Again we are dealing with free software that allows us to share the screen in a quick and easy way.

It should be mentioned that we have two options: download the application and have all the control possible, with the complete configuration and tools, as well as using the web version, where we will be able to see the screen of the other computer without having to install anything, but we will not be able to control it.