The Best Technological Accessories for the Bathroom

bathroom-techWith the passage of time, every corner of the house becomes intelligent. Some are obvious, such as the living room, where the existence of Smart TV and independent speakers makes this easy to achieve. But, in others, this is not so simple. An example is the bathroom , but to the surprise of many there are accessories that can be used to take the plunge.

The devices that exist today that have as one of their possible objectives this place of the houses are quite useful, and all of them there is something that we lack: connectivity. Either to access the Internet through the use of the WiFi network you have or, failing that, they have a Bluetooth chip that allows you to communicate with smartphones and tablets to give them use and take advantage of all your options.

In addition, the use of technological accessories for the bathroom four is very simple . This is because almost all of those offering advanced options include a management application, so everything is very recognizable to users. This is positive and the truth is that one of the most interesting advances in terms of usability that have occurred in recent times.

Logotipo Bluetooth con sombra

What should be taken in bathroom accessories

One of the first things that should be checked on a device destined for the place of the house we are talking about is that it should offer the maximum possible compatibility . Thus, it is vital that it is worth giving use in relation to connectivity – and data – with an operating system such as iOS and Android. In this way, all family members (regardless of the smartphone or tablet you have) can use them. This is essential as future device changes are even prevented.

Once the previous requirement is clear, the following is to check that the protection against the gua is present. It is true that some accessories for the bathroom four will put us in the shower, for example, but it is not a bad idea to offer this possibility. The reason goes beyond splashing, and it is none other than condensation . If IPX protection is available, you can rest assured about the durability that is offered over time regardless of what customer you like the water.

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If you ask if you should check the type of food that has the product you are looking for, the truth is that the answer is yes. And, here, everything depends on the intended use of the election. If it is something that is intended to be in direct contact with water , the ideal is an integrated rechargeable battery (the greater the autonomy, the better than better). In the case of not being so, with a simple battery everything is solved, since it is even possible to use rechargeable batteries since the requirement in this case is minimal.

Other things to review

One of them, without being essential, is interesting. If it is possible to access voice assistants when using them, better than better. In the case of offering this option, it is possible to perform actions with the kick directly, something that is useful since being sometimes wet the screen or integrated buttons do not respond in the best possible way. A clear example is the reproduction of music from a smartphone.

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Finally, it is not a bad idea to review the grip system or allow the bathroom accessory color. This is not trivial because, if it is not correct, it is possible to have an accident or, simply, its use is not as optimal as possible. And, if this is so, the best possible user experience is not achieved.

Accessories that are recommended to buy them

The accessories that we leave below, which can be used in the bathroom, comply with everything necessary to make the most of your use options and, in addition, with high efficiency, durability and satisfaction:

Xiaomi Mi LPN4013GL

The electrodes used to obtain data, which are sent to the smartwatch, are made of stainless steel, so their durability is high. With an attractive design, the dimensions of this scale are the following: 34.3 x 35.9 x 4.7 centimeters. It synchronizes with the Mi Fit application and can be used by up to 16 different users. Simple to use and with many functions, such as knowing muscle mass, is a good option.

Báscula Xiaomi Mi LPN4013GL

JBL Clip 3

This is a Bluetooth speaker that can be placed in the shower, as it offers water resistance (specifically IPX7). Therefore, the music can be heard really close and you will not miss details of the songs. It includes a rechargeable battery is 10 hours, so you do not have to use the USB cable regularly. Its tie clip ensures reliability in use, and its power of 3.3 W is more than correct for the bathroom four. It even has hands-free function.

Altavoz JBL Clip 3

LED Display Water Shower

If you are a water temperature maniac, this digital thermometer lets you know what is used in the shower. With a simple installation and with a panel that allows you to see the information very clearly, the compatibility offered by this accessory is universal. Made of metal, its durability is excellent and the truth is that it is a product worth trying since it is a great help.

Accesorio LED Display Water Shower

GBlife smart plug

With these two elements, since they are sold in a pack, you can easily and with voice control the operation of the devices. Thus, for example, simply by voice and smartphone you can turn off the radiator that you have connected or charge the phone itself. Compatible with developments such as the Google or Alexa assistant, it is even possible to use a timer that is included in your iOS and Android application.

Enchufe inteligente GBlife enchufe inteligente

Automatic Toothpaste

If you are tired of not taking full advantage of toothpaste, this automatic dispenser is the solution. Available in several colors, in a simple and comfortable way you get the exact amount necessary for the washing to be effective and for us to have to be constantly squeezing the tube. A good option that makes even children waste nothing. It offers simple installation and maintenance.

Accesorio Automatic Toothpaste


Surely more than once he has entered the bathroom cautiously in the dark and, this, can be a challenge. If you want to change this and not disturb anyone at night, it is possible to resort to this light that detects movements. It works with three AAA batteries, and allows you to change up to eight different colors what it emits … so you will not get bored. The installation does not need a tool and is an excellent accessory that is sure that more than one is bought since it has good opinions.


Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet

This WC is an evolutionary leap in what has to do with home accessories. It offers wide options of use in what has to do with hygiene, without losing a complete functionality and compatible with the bathrooms in Spain. It includes from jets at different temperatures to LED night light, and the truth is that its usefulness is very high. Its installation is simple and there is no lack of an accessible and complete management command.

WC Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet

TaoTronics Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker of great water resistance and available in several colors, is placed in the bliss by means of a suction cup. Therefore, it is possible to use it where other models are not possible. With a simple manipulation and control buttons of the reproductions, its autonomy is over five hours of use. It does not lack a useful speaker that allows you to answer calls while you are washing your hair and even access voice assistants.

Altavoz TaoTronics Altavoz Bluetooth

Echo Flex

This adapter allows a simple way, where it is installed, to use the Alexa voice assistant. Therefore, it allows you to take this development to the bathroom very easily. It connects directly to a plug and has a USB port that allows charging devices such as smartphones. It includes a speaker that reproduces the voice of the assistant and also integrates both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. With it, you can even turn off the Smart TV.

Accesorio Echo Flex de Amazon