Best Summer Accessories for iPhone

Summer is an ideal time to be able to do different outdoor activities such as going to the beach or the mountains. In order to have the best time possible, there are some accessories that are essential for taking good photographs or protecting the equipment from water. In this article we make a compilation of the essential accessories for this summer.

Best Summer Accessories for iPhone

Selfie sticks for iPhone

In order to immortalize the moments spent on vacation with other people, it is essential to have a selfie stick. This is an accessory that is already quite integrated in our society and that facilitates the task of taking group photos. In the market right now there are many options available compatible with all the iPhone on the market.

ELEGIANT Stick Selfie

elegiant palo selfie

Stick that has a completely ergonomic design so you can pick it up and put it in your pocket to carry it wherever you want. It has an adjustable angle of 90º and the mobile can be placed vertically or horizontally to take the photographs to your liking. By including Bluetooth, you simply have to turn on the stick and link it to the iPhone so that you simply have to press the integrated shutter to take the photograph. The battery shouldn’t be a problem since it can hold more than 10,000 selfies and more than 30 days without going through the charger.

Yoozon mini selfie stick

Yoozon palo selfie

This selfie stick is ideal for easy portability in the bag as it is quite compact. It can be extended up to 27 inches and weighing only 134 grams the photographs are quite easy. It is compatible with the vast majority of mobile devices on the market by connecting via Bluetooth with any equipment to take the photograph through the included shutter. The battery is replaceable and will last you more than 30 days easily, although everything will depend on the number of photographs you take.



Selfie sticks have evolved to offer new ways of use beyond the extension to take selfie photos. This option from ATUMTEK allows you to turn the stick into a portable tripod with a 360º remote control that will allow you to take different pictures without any problem at a distance and without having to keep the stick in hand.

Aquatic protection bags

When you go to the pool or the beach, you never want to leave your mobile devices unattended while you take a dip. In order to solve this problem, you can use a waterproof cover that will allow you to carry your mobile underwater without absolutely anything happening to it.

YOSH Waterproof Case

YOSH funda impermeable

Mobile case that is compatible with all mobile devices on the market with a size of less than 7 inches, making it practically universal. It is IPX8 certified and has passed immersion tests for a minimum of 30 minutes. Being transparent, you can take pictures under the sea with the equipment’s front and rear cameras as well as answer messages.

Syncwire waterproof case

Syncwire funda impermeable

This case has a seal that will protect your mobile phone from water at all times thanks to the IPX8 certificate. With this protection safety up to 30 meters deep is guaranteed. It is designed for the majority of mobile devices on the market since all mobiles with less than 7 inches can be inserted. along with other valuable items such as money or credit cards.

Image Stabilizer

Summer is a splendid time to be able to make incredible videos of everything that is happening. But sometimes the pulse can play tricks on us and make videos that are shaky. To avoid this, image stabilizers can be used for the iPhone in order to achieve the most professional result possible.

Gimbal hohem

Gimbal Hohem

With this gimbal you can achieve excellent stability for a large number of 3-axis outdoor sports. It has a rechargeable 3600 mAh battery that allows a total autonomy of 12 hours. The gimbal can begin to follow the face of a person or an object to have the most professional result possible.

Gimbal feiyutech

Gimbal Feiyutech

With this stabilizer you can turn your iPhone into a true professional camera for your holidays. You will have the 360º panorama or photo modes in time interval available. You can take photos or videos in a stable way while you are in a car or on foot. Thanks to the application, objects or people can be recognized so that the gimbal follows them constantly.

And for you, what accessories are essential for the summer?