How to Navigate with a Different IP and Why Do it

When browsing the network our data in one way or another may be exposed. A website we visit may collect information about our location, the type of device we use, the browser … We already know that our privacy is a very important factor but it is something that is not always present. In this article we are going to explain what we can do to navigate with another IP address and why it can be an interesting option.

Why change the IP address

First, we will explain why it may be interesting that when browsing the Internet we change the IP address . As we have mentioned, privacy is something that matters a lot to users and is not always present. Luckily we can make use of different tools and configurations that allow us to protect our data.

How to Navigate with a Different IP

Avoid geo-blocking

One of the most common reasons why Internet users decide to change IP is to avoid geo-blocking . This can happen for example if we are traveling in another country and want to enter content from Spain that is not available abroad.

It could also happen in the opposite case, and that we want to access from our country of origin services and platforms that are only available in other nations. Thanks to changing the IP we can avoid this geographical block.

Browse anonymously

Without a doubt, another important point is the fact of browsing more anonymously. Privacy, anonymity on the net, is very important to users. There are many marketing companies that can obtain personal data and compromise our information to some extent.

Therefore, thanks to the use of different IP addresses, we can gain anonymity. The goal is not to leak information.

Want to fake our location

Do we want to fake our location and appear online as if we were somewhere else? We can do this by changing the IP address. It is therefore another of the options that it offers us.

Access content blocked by IP

Some content may be blocked by IP and we cannot access it. For example, if we are browsing from a library or study center, we may have certain restrictions. By changing the IP address thanks to the use of certain tools we can avoid this block.

Avoid restrictions and limits

It is also possible that our IP is limited or restricted . For example, there are certain web pages that offer us the possibility of reading a series of articles every month and are limited by IP address. To jump over that limit we can change it.

How to change the IP address when browsing

We have seen why it can be interesting to change the IP address. Now we are going to see what we can do to be able to change it. Everything we have at our disposal for it in a simple way.

Use VPN services

Making use of a VPN is the most common option with total security and also simple. We have the possibility of making use of many services of this type. Some are free and others are paid, but are available for all types of operating systems and devices.

In this way we can achieve everything we mentioned above. We can change our IP in a simple way and face possible problems.

Ataques contra servicios VPN

Use a proxy server

An alternative is to use a proxy . Sometimes they can be confused with VPNs, since part of the operation and the objective as a tool coincide. However, we are facing something different.

However, using a proxy can also allow our IP to change in the face of the pages we visit and the services we use.

Tor browser

One more option is to use the Tor browser. As we know it is a very interesting tool to be able to browse and always maintain our security and privacy. It is therefore a feature that we must take into account if we want to browse without exposing our IP address on the network.

In short, these are some of the options we have to change the IP address when browsing.