Best Spreadsheet apps for iPad and iPhone

The Mac is a device that provides users with the ability to carry out almost any task. However, being a computer it does not have the portability that both the iPhone and iPad do. Therefore, in this post we are going to talk about different applications that will allow you to create and edit your spreadsheets wherever you are using your iPhone or iPad.

Best Spreadsheet apps for iPad and iPhone

Important aspects

Before launching into one of the applications that we are going to talk about next, you have to know what are the main characteristics that you have to take into account when choosing an app to make spreadsheets. This is very important since depending on your needs, some apps will be much more usable for you than the rest. Here are some of the points that you have to assess before opting for one of them.

  • The price in this type of application is one of the important points, in this case you have to assess whether it is really worth paying for you, and the use that you are going to make of the app.
  • A basic aspect is the possibility of adding different formulas and automations yourself.
  • Is it cross-platform? Usually when a user adapts to the use of an application, the ideal is that they can work with that same application regardless of the device they use.
  • Synchronization in the cloud is also a point to take into account, especially if you are going to work with more than one device. In that case, it is vital to have the peace of mind that the work you do on the iPhone or iPad, then you can continue it on another device.
  • A clear and simple interface is always appreciated, regardless of the specific function of the application, but in this case even more so.

Free apps to make spreadsheets

Fortunately for all Apple users, the App Store has a huge variety of applications within it to carry out practically any task. However, there are always some apps that are paid, and others that users can access for free. Well, we are going to start this post by talking about the second group, that is, the spreadsheet apps for which you won’t have to pay a single euro to use them.

Google Sheets

Hojas de cálculo de Google

The first free application that we want to talk to you about comes from the giant Google with its Spreadsheet apps. As its name suggests, what you can do with this app is create, edit and collaborate with other users through your iPhone or iPad, all completely free of charge, without having to pay a single euro.

You have the ability to create spreadsheets or edit those that have previously been created through the web or on another device. Sharing and working with other users at the same time is also a real advantage, especially for students who have to do collaborative work. In addition, you can work even if you do not have an internet connection to format cells, enter and sort data, view graphs, insert formulas and everything that a spreadsheet app needs to have.



Obviously, if we talk about spreadsheet applications for iPhone and iPad we have to talk about Apple’s own application. It is the equivalent of Excel on Mac, but with one big difference, Numbers is completely free for all users who have an Apple device.

It has the vast majority of advantages or points that you have to take into account when choosing an app to make spreadsheets, since it has a simple interface, it is multiplatform, it has iCloud synchronization. In short, it is one of the best alternatives you can find in the App Store, especially since it has all the potential you can expect from an app of this type.

Developer: Apple

iSpreadsheet Office Sheets


We continue talking about free spreadsheet applications, and in this case it is the turn of iSpreadsheet Office Sheets, an application that stands out for how easy it is to use, but that does not lack the power to carry out all the tasks typical of a spreadsheet app for iPhone and iPad.

It has full integration in Google Docs, so you can be sure of the synchronization of your documents. It also offers integration with iCloud. You will be able to manage worksheets both online and offline, as well as upload XLS or CSV files from Google Documents. It has multiple spreadsheet management and the ability to run complex arithmetic formulas. All these are just some of the functions that this complete application provides.

Sheetlet – Spreadsheet


We are going with the last app in this compilation that is totally free, it is Sheetlet, which has the power of a spreadsheet and the ease of use without having to invest too much time in the configuration. Perfect for calculating, graphing and presenting different types of reports.

It has really simple functions to carry out, you just have to drag and drop to perform calculations, graphics and enter text. It has interactive visual analysis through the many types of charts that it gives you the opportunity to use. In addition, you can export to both Excel and PDF formats.

Use premium features with these paid apps

Obviously, in the same way that there are free alternatives, there are also applications that, although their download is free, inside you have to pay to use some of the star functions of it, or even in some, pay for power fully utilize the app. Here we will talk about some of the most outstanding ones.

Microsoft Excel


How could it be otherwise, Microsoft Excel had to make its appearance in this compilation of applications since, without any doubt, it is the most widely used spreadsheet software in the world by the majority of users. That is, despite the fact that it is an application for which you have to pay to be able to use it both on your iPhone and on your iPad.

There is really little we can say about Microsoft Excel that you do not know, without a doubt that fame and that privilege of being the number one in this sector has been earned thanks to the many possibilities it offers to all users. From making spreadsheets, editing or analyzing them, to creating charts in the most intuitive way possible. It has cloud synchronization so you can work wherever you want and with the device you want. In short, of course with Microsoft Excel you will not have any limitation to work with spreadsheets from your iPhone or iPad.

OfficeSuite and PDF editor


This application, OfficeSuite, is a set of applications in one, in fact, we can define it as a very complete office suite for mobile phones since it has the ability to create, view and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents whenever you want, wherever you are and whatever device you use.

Obviously, the part that interests us right now is the possibility that this app offers to create, view and edit Excel documents. It supports XLS, XLSX, XLSM and CSV formats. It has more than 250 functions to create and edit formulas, as well as format cells, use different font formats or filter and sort data according to your needs.

Manual for Microsoft Excel with secrets and tricks

Manual para Microsoft Excel

In this case we do not want to talk about an application to create, edit or view spreadsheets, but what will provide you with enough knowledge to be able to handle Excel spreadsheets like a true expert. It is an audio guide that will teach you in an interactive way to work easily and efficiently with Excel.

It has different lessons that will provide you with the knowledge to work with basic functions, create a worksheet, copy and paste in Excel, change or add different formulas, create several custom views, configure all existing options, navigate in a book, in In short, you can learn to work like a true professional with spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel.

Polaris Office – PDF & Docs

Polaris Office

We are going with another application that will allow you to have practically your office on the iPhone or iPad. Polaris Office provides you with a complete and comprehensive suite of office programs, compatible with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF. In fact, it has been awarded the Best Application Award in the App Store for the services it is able to offer to all users.

It has the compatibility of different types of files, specifically and focusing on spreadsheets with XLS, XLSX and CSV. You will be able to share documents in the easiest and fastest way you know, as well as use all the functions of a spreadsheet app such as creating, editing and viewing different documents, adding or modifying formulas, in short, that you can work without any problem in this app with your spreadsheets.

Form maker

Fabricante de formularios

We finish the compilation of applications to create, edit and view spreadsheets on iPhone and iPad with this fantastic alternative offered by the App Store. It is a compact and very light application, with a simple design that will allow you to create your different spreadsheets from the iPhone or iPad.

It has the possibility of sharing with different users, and supports the possibility of working both horizontally and vertically, so that you are the one who chooses how you want to work, either with the iPhone or with the iPad. It also has support for different fonts, with which you can play with the size, color of the text, as well as different borders for the tables.

What is the best alternative?

Whenever we make this type of compilation, we like to tell you which one is for the ITIGIC writing team, the most appropriate option, in this case, the two options that have convinced us the most. As always, you have to take into account that these are our personal preferences, they do not have to be the same as yours.

If we focus on free applications, without any doubt, the best alternative you can use is the Apple application, Numbers, since it has all the potential that Microsoft Excel can have. That is just the app with which we stay within all the payment alternatives that we have proposed.