The Best Sports Straps for the Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Most of the people who do sports frequently, use some kind of gadget to record their physical activity. Smartbands have become perfect allies for this purpose, being inexpensive products that give a lot for the little they cost. One of the most popular is Xiaomi‘s Mi Band, which recently saw the new generation arrive when the Mi Band 6 went on sale.

The new Xiaomi smartband has arrived with very remarkable news. First of all, it has a larger and brighter screen than the previous generation. It’s also more customizable than ever, and the number of selectable sports modes has gone up. But above all, if something characterizes the Xiaomi Mi Band, it is its customization options and the Mi Band 6 was not going to be less. In addition to the watch faces, which are more and more and now they look better than ever, we have the option of changing their straps easily , being also compatible with those of the Mi Band 5.

Best Sports Straps for the Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Put a sports strap on the Mi Band 6?

Everything will depend on the type of user. If you are going to use the bracelet as a fashion accessory, it will not be necessary to consider a sports strap and you can simply choose the one you like the most. However, the mere fact of going out for a walk, running or doing any sports activity with the bracelet on the wrist, means that it will be subjected to factors such as sweat, possible blows and wear derived, for example, from inclement weather.

It is just at that moment when we must consider the purchase of a sports strap for the Mi Band 6. Within the wide range of options, silicone predominates as a resistant, cheap material that also lends itself to being offered in many colors. However, there are other materials such as “canvas” which is also very resistant and perfect for sports. Afterwards, we can always change to our usual strap, which can be made of metal or other less appropriate materials for sports.

Uso de smartband con fondo amarillo

Sports straps for the Mi Band 6

In this selection we can see options in a large number of colors and options in terms of materials . The good news is that the straps for the Mi Band 6 are very inexpensive, so in some options, we will be facing a pack in which several straps will come. As we say, when it comes to finding a compatible bracelet, we can look at the Mi Band 5, since they are compatible.

T-Bluer, canvas strap

This is a suitable strap for sports, since it is manufactured in canvas-type fabric. This handcrafted material is perfect for exercising due to its mobility and flexibility. It is also a breathable material and only weighs 20 grams. It is available in a wide variety of colors and its price is only 13 euros.

T-BLUER Correa roja

Solo Loop for Mi Band 6

Another interesting option is that nylon strap with a craftsman style, elegant and resistant. It allows you to adapt the length so that it can be used on any wrist and it is also a personal option for sports thanks to its breathability, flexibility and resistance. It is also easy to clean under the tap. Its price is close to 10 euros.

correa nilon mi band 6

The cheapest silicone pack

No less than 15 silicone bracelets in this pack that only costs 8 euros. In this way we will have different colors for every day, but the important thing is that they are high quality silicone straps, with a soft, light and breathable touch. They are comfortable to wear and do not irritate the skin. They are perfect for sports as they improve air flow to prevent the accumulation of sweat and are very durable.

correas silicona mi band 6

BDIG 1, silicone and elegance

Having a silicone bracelet for sports and that is elegant is possible. This is precisely what happens with these straps from Bdig, with two pieces in the same pack. They are straps made of resistant and flexible silicone. They are comfortable to wear, ecological and resistant to wear. It also offers a very comfortable, lightweight, breathable and sweat resistant design. It stands out for its comfort and safety for human skin.

BDIG 1 correas de silicona

Mi-Case Silicone Strap

In this case we are facing a pack of three silicone straps with camouflage style. It fits perfectly on the wrist with a very elegant and resistant design. It is also breathable and can be easily washed when needed . It is priced at 7.59 euros, but the good news is that it includes three TPU screen protectors to protect our Mi Band 6 from bumps and scratches.

Mi-Case Correa de Silicona

Bdig, pack of waterproof straps

A perfect pack to have six waterproof bracelets for sports and that have a micro-perforated design. With a price of 9.80 euros, we are facing belts of various colors and that are resistant to all types of abuse. We can hit them, dirty them or sweat without problem since they will resist everything and more. They are very light and flexible, ideal for any type of sport.

BDIG [6+2] Pulsera Mi Band 6

Colorful T-Bluer

For only 12.99 euros we can access this interesting pack of T-Bluer. They are straps made of high quality material, sustainable with the environment, waterproof, durable and breathable. They have a size that can be adjusted according to the circumstances of the wrist of each user.

T-Bluer de colores[/AmazonButton]

Shazikaihui, nylon strap

For only 6.99 euros we can choose a huge number of colors in this nylon bracelet. It is resistant to tears, water and is very comfortable for sports. The manufacturer itself recommends its sports use to go to the gym, swimming, yoga or any other outdoor sport. They can be ours for only 6.99 euros.

nailon con colores mi band 6

Qianyou transparent silicone

Excellent pack of two silicone bracelets with gradient colors. Its advantage is that they adapt well to the skin and the shape of the doll , being a material resistant to dirt and with high durability. They are also light and breathable, because they have been designed so that the air flow runs and thus avoid the accumulation of sweat.

Qianyou 2 Piezas Correas

Mijobs breathable straps

For only 6.80 euros we can get this last option. In this case, the durability of silicone is combined without sacrificing design, since it has a very elegant aluminum buckle. It can be adjusted in a variable size range to fit any wrist and is offers great flexibility and strength.

Mijobs Correas Mi Band 6