The Best Smartwatch for the Elderly with a Fall Sensor

The offer available when buying a smartwatch is really wide. You can find ideal models to play sports, solutions for those who are looking for a smart watch with great autonomy … And yes, you can find solutions for the oldest in the house so that you are much calmer.

The problem is that, models for our grandparents that are really functional, there are rather few. Yes, you can buy an older smartwatch, but many of the solutions you will find are quite disappointing at the usability level. Luckily, and to make things easier for you, we have prepared a top with the best wearables so that your grandfather is more relaxed than ever.

Best Smartwatch for the Elderly with a Fall Sensor

What should an older smartwatch have?

When choosing a model with these characteristics, it is necessary to take into account a couple of very important details. The main one? It has a drop sensor . We are talking about a system that detects the moment in which the user falls to the ground to emit an audible alarm. That the user does not respond to this notice? It will automatically contact 112, indicating the user’s coordinates as well as a pre-recorded message indicating that they have suffered an accident and are not answering calls.

On the other hand, it is very important that any model has a heart rate sensor. This element is basic in any smart watch, so the vast majority of models available on the market will have such functionality. But, some of the solutions that you will see in this compilation also have an ECG so that you can do an electrocardiogram in real time. Ideal to prevent possible heart problems.

Best models on the market

As you can see in this compilation, most of the models you will find are smart watches to use. Yes, you will see smart watches as well known as the Apple Watch . The reason? Large manufacturers have realized the importance of this functionality. These models are really for athletes, and the fall sensor is in case a user suffers a faint while going for a run or doing a bike route, to give an example, but they will be perfectly functional for our elders.

Amazfit Bip S

Amazfit Bip S

We started this compilation with one of the cheapest smartwatch for seniors that you will find. And, after the launch of the Bip model, the Asian firm realized that its great rival, Apple, had incorporated a fall sensor into its wearable. For this reason, the firm did not hesitate to launch a renewed version, the Amazfit Bip S , which does have a complete detector that will notify relatives and emergencies if any mishap occurs.

Add a scandal battery, easily endure up to 14 days of autonomy, in addition to all kinds of features to get more out of it than ever, and you have a round product.

Apple Watch Series 5 smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 5

In such a compilation, the crown jewel of the manufacturer based in Cupertino could not be missing. Yes, the Apple Watch Series 5 is the best-selling smartwatch on the market, and there are plenty of reasons to be a model to consider. Especially for the large number of sensors it integrates, being able to make an ECG in real time to confirm that your heart is working perfectly, in addition to a complete fall sensor.

Garmin Forerunner 45S

Garmin Forerunner 45

Thirdly, we have one of the great references when looking for a smart watch to play sports. And it is that, Garmin has managed to renew itself to go from being a GPS navigation service to having a complete catalog of wearables that will not disappoint you at all. Say that this model has a fall sensor, so that your elders can walk in peace, knowing that if they suffer a mishap, the smartwatch will automatically issue a warning.

smartwatch Apple Watch Nike
Apple Watch Nike + Series 4

We return to Apple to recommend this model. When the firm released the latest model in its smartwatch family, it decided to take the Apple Watch Series 4 , the Cupertino-based firm’s first device, with a drop sensor. But, this Nike + model is still for sale, designed so that the most sporty users can enjoy as never before having all kinds of sensors capable of recognizing any sporting activity. An ideal model for our elders, since it has everything you need to keep you well controlled and protected.

Smartwatch para mayores

Smartwatch for seniors

In this case, we are dealing with the only smartwatch in this compilation that has been specifically designed for older people. More than anything because this model is really functional. Your weapons? It has an SOS alarm that, with the push of a button, you can communicate with your loved ones.

In addition, it also has a fall sensor, as well as a GPS locator so that, through an application, you can control in real time where the person wearing it is. You will be surprised by its functionality, if you have any doubts you just have to take a look at the excellent reviews of Amazon to make it clear that your purchase is a great success.

Garmin Forerunner 245 

Garmin Forerunner 245

And what to say about this other model from the American manufacturer. This Forerunner 245 is a model that will not disappoint you at all, as it has a fall sensor. In addition, you can access the official Garmin application to control all physical activity. Ideal to confirm that you have done the daily exercise!

Traductor de Google en el Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Following this compilation with the best solutions if you are looking for a smart watch for your grandparents, nothing better than the great alternative to Apple Watch. And it is that, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 has an excellent autonomy, in addition to boasting a sensor with fall detection that can save you from more than one trouble. Add the functionality that the Samsung Health application offers, and you have a product that will not disappoint you.

Garmin Fenix 5

Garmin Fenix 5S

In this case we are facing one of the jewels in Garmin’s crown within its complete catalog of wearables. And, this Fenix 5S has all kinds of weapons to boast of being one of the best options to consider if you are looking for a quality smartwatch. To say that this smart watch is made of stainless steel and titanium, guaranteeing great resistance to falls. And yes, it is also capable of detecting any fading, a detail to consider.

Smartwatch Amazfit Pace

Amazfit Pace

Another one of the Xiaomi models that will not disappoint you, is the Amazfit Pace . Saying this wearable has an attractive design, in addition to all kinds of sensors, including fall detection to avoid unnecessary scares. And at a price of real scandal!

Garmin Forerunner 945

Garmin Forerunner 945

To end with this compilation of the best smartwatch that you can buy for the oldest in the house, you cannot miss this Garmin Forerunner 945 . To say that it is another of the most powerful smart watches on the market, and that it has a fall sensor designed to alert if there is a fade. As we have told you, these models are products for practicing sports, but they will serve perfectly to protect our grandparents.