The Best Series of the Year 2019 on HBO

Although Netflix has left us some of the best series of 2019, HBO has been the star of the year. Productions such as Chernobyl or the expected last season of Game of Thrones have made the series platform become an essential in the last twelve months. Today we analyze and review what have been the best HBO series in 2019 according to the votes of our editors or the success achieved.

The HBO format has kept us in suspense for months. Chernobyl, with only five episodes, became a series whose popularity grew chapter after chapter, week after week. Game of Thrones did not need to grow thanks to word of mouth because we all expected and what was the last season , the final outcome … These two and many more have been the bets of HBO for the last year and some of the best releases.HBO

They are not all the best series of the year and you may have liked a different one from the ones you will read next. Therefore, we encourage you to leave us in comments which is, for you, the best series of the year on HBO and why. We compile some of the best, some essential ones that have garnered millions of fans and hit us on the screen week after week to see what happened.

The Best Series of the Year 2019 on HBO


Chernobyl has been one of the best series of the year and a production that has achieved the outstanding on the IMDB specialized website and has entered directly into a top 5 with a score that even exceeds The Wire or Game of Thrones.


HBO launched this five-episode miniseries this year, which, as its name suggests, presents the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 from a totally human, real, close point of view and with a fairly faithful recreation, beyond of powerful messages or hard images that tragedy left us.

This title has become a must if you are looking for the best HBO series in 2019. A high quality production that starts just a few minutes before reactor number 4 explodes. From that moment, we will know the reaction of the plant technicians, the bosses or the denial by the institutions that do not want to recognize what has happened and prefer to lie or put at risk the lives of millions of people.

In April 1986 one of the most important catastrophes occurred worldwide and Chernobyl does not avoid hard images, burns or blood but also continually explains the need to keep the accident as a secret to safeguard the image.

A series in which we know the lies or the consequences , the disaster that could have been avoided or the faithful reconstruction of an era from a serious and respectful point of view. If you doubt if it is worth the subscription to HBO , in about six hours from Chernobyl you can pay it off and it will be worth doing to enjoy these five episodes. In addition, it is not expected that there will be a second season and its creators deny that this will happen.

Platform : HBO

Year : 2019

Chapters : One season, five chapters

Duration : From 60 to 90 minutes

Theme : History / Drama

Age : For over 16 years

Game of Thrones

Perhaps for many Game of Thrones it is not one of the best HBO series in 2019 but one of the most important . The end of one of the most followed series in history and one of the most controversial endings: some were disappointed by the story or the amount of events that occur in each of the episodes and how fast the series advances in the last season. But anyway, Game of Thrones has left us spectacular battles in its eighth season, unforgettable moments that closed one of the most important series in history with billions of followers around the world and that eight years has lasted keeping us in a history of loyalty, power, wars, love or betrayals.

juego de tronos

If at the beginning of 2019 we had stopped to make a list of most anticipated series for next year, Game of Thrones would have been the first on the list with its last season. We have counted the days until Daenerys and the others returned and deserve to be present on this list although many have been able to consider their end as disappointing or their last episodes as worse than the previous ones. Anyway, one of the most followed series in history that you should see if you have not already seen.

Platform : HBO

Year : 2011

Chapters : Eight Seasons, 73 Episodes

Duration per episode : Between 50 and 80 minutes

Theme : Drama / Science Fiction

Age : For over 18 years

Years and Years

If you are looking for something social, short and critical, Years and Years is one of the best HBO series in 2019 with only six episodes that deal with all kinds of issues from the point of view of several generations and the passage of time.

Years-and-Years - mejores series de 2019

The series starts in 2019 but the last chapter takes place fifteen years later to show us how the political reality of the United Kingdom and international political reality changes during this time but also society or technological or economic changes. With an air of Black Mirror in some moments but without moving away from family drama and political and social criticism.

Years and Years follows the Lyons family and all its members for fifteen years. We will be following your life, your conflicts, your challenges. But, in parallel, we will see technological advances, social changes … Or political changes, with the character of Viv Rook, based on Donald Trump and that becomes constant and axis during the six episodes of the series. A futuristic air, social and political criticism and very interesting dialogues make it one of the most recommended premieres of this year at HBO.

Platform : HBO

Year : 2019

Chapters : Six episodes, one season only

Duration per episode : Between 50 minutes and one hour

Theme : Drama

Age : For over 17 years

Killing Eve

Killing Eve has been one of those series that everyone talks about . It will have a new season in 2020 with new episodes but this year we have seen legions of fans addicted to the BBC series based on Luke Jennings. An intelligent, addictive creation with a season that makes it one of the best HBO series in 2019 thanks to a thriller of obsessions, action, black humor and brilliant dialogues.

The story continues with the thriller of its two female protagonists and their intelligent mouse hunt, their mutual obsession, their black humor, their game. Villanevelle and Eve have starred in another of the best series of the year on HBO with new episodes that maintain the essence of an addictive series of action, humor, intelligent dialogues. A professional killer and a MI5 security agent who is looking for it can be a plot that we already know but far from being the same as always, Killing Eve is an essential production, a brilliant series.

Platform : HBO

Year : 2018

Chapters : Two seasons, 16 chapters

Duration : Between 40 and 55 minutes per chapter

Genre : Thriller

Age : For over 16 years

Big little lies

Big Little Lies has failed in 2019 to repeat the success that with its first season and new episodes may seem more bland or less interesting than the first. However, the second season maintains the essence of the first, it seems, tells us more details and continues to explore the lives of the five protagonists. In addition, a new character is added, a new villain always necessary: Meryl Streep in the role of Perry’s mother and as a mother-in-law who wants to get over everything.

mejores series de 2019 BIG LITTLE LIES

In the second season of Big Little Lies everything revolves around Perry but the famous protagonist mothers relive the past again and again and must unite even more to face everything around them. Although these new chapters were not intended and the series works well with a first season, 2019 has left us a good speech that completes the “big lie” and shows us the consequences in the life of the protagonists. One of those series that we continue to recommend you week after week.

Platform : HBO

Year : 2017

Chapters : Two seasons with fourteen chapters

Duration : About 55 minutes

Theme : Thriller, thriller

Recommended age : over 18 years old

What we do in the shadows

On the top of the funniest of the year at HBO we find What we do in the shadows. The platform vampire series is a remake of the film released five years ago and has ten episodes that will make us have a great time and promise all kinds of laughs. One of the best HBO series in 2019 with short episodes, a funny story recorded in the same fake documentary as the movie and with all kinds of special effects, beyond the laughs and a story we knew.

Lo que hacemos en las sombras - mejores series de 2019

What we do in the shadows introduces us to three vampires , roommates for hundreds and hundreds of years. Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja live on the same floor with their respective servants. But they are not terrifying but are dedicated to trying to live a normal life, with the situations we all live in every day: community meetings, shopping in the supermarket or trips on the bus. All of them, funny moments that make this series one of the best options to have a good time in front of the TV and one of the most recommended series of vampires .

Platform: HBO

Year: 2019

Chapters: One season, 10 episodes

Duration : Between 25 and 30 minutes per chapter

Theme : Comedy

Recommended age : For over 16 years

The maid’s tale

Margaret Atwood’s original story has long since ended but the series has continued with new episodes in the dystopian fiction of Gilead, an authoritarian state that considers women as its property. The new season of The Maid’s Tale arrived this 2019 also becoming one of the most anticipated thanks to the success of the previous ones and the power of many of the characters of the series or corners that had still remained unexplored and that now charge relevance.

mejores series de 2019 - Cuento de la criada

In the third season of life in Gilead, the role of the marthas is deepened, in their work, in everything behind. Some characters also gain strength and Serena becomes the main axis of the chapters, a complex and powerful woman who could be the protagonist alone. In addition, the images on the other side are continuous, in Canada, where refugee characters try to continue their lives.

Although the series is entertaining, powerful and has a good story, The maid’s story has become a series that does not advance and that always takes us to the same starting point but it is very interesting to know that there will be a fourth season: it has been renewed and will be expanded with the adaptation of the literary sequel published by Margaret Atwood, The Testaments, which takes place fifteen years after the outcome and narrated by three different women.

Platform : HBO

Year : 2017

Chapters : Three seasons, 36 episodes

Duration : Between 45 and 60 minutes per episode

Genre : Science fiction / Drama

Age : For over 18 years


Taking a small screen to success is not always easy but Watchmen has managed to pass with outstanding and become one of the best HBO series in 2019. The work of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons has been brought to television written by Damon Lindelof, in charge of Lost or The Leftovers and maintains the usual story in a serial format, mixing the usual but also creating a kind of sequel, evolution 34 years after the events of the comics in which it is inspired. A new testament to what we already knew, as Lindelof explained in a text in which he talked about his intentions.

Watchmen - mejores series de 2019

An alternative reality in the United States: Watchmen takes us to Tulsa (Oklahoma), where a group of policemen use masks to safeguard their identity and to improve security after the attacks of the Seventh of Kaballería, a supremacist group followers of the Rorschach who wants to start a War against minorities.

Platform : HBO

Year : 2019

Chapters : Eight Chapters

Duration per episode :

Theme : Science fiction

Age : For over 16 years