Best Scary Games Compatible with Mac Computers

Horror is a genre within video games that is undoubtedly all the rage. The fact of being afraid of the body is a feeling that many people look for in the cinema, in reality and also in video games. Although the Mac is not a computer that is designed especially for video games, you can find some options that are quite attractive. In this article we will tell you about them in detail.

What a good horror game must have

One of the big questions you surely ask yourself is what to look for in a horror game. There are many titles available and each developer assembles it in their own way. In this article we are going to see the mix with the genre of survival and also with action and psychological terror. The combination of two genres such as these can end up generating that feeling that everyone wants to enjoy when they start playing. That is why one of the most important parts to take into account is undoubtedly the combination of genres that you choose and that it ends up adapting to your own tastes.

Best Scary Games Compatible with Mac Computers

Once you have chosen the type of category, you can focus on the content of the game. Specifically, one of the most outstanding aspects is the type of story as well as the way it is told. It must be above all immersive and serious since this will be one of the ways so that you can get scared. If you get fully into the story, everything you come across will be more terrifying. Many factors come into play here, one of the most important being the soundtrack that is used.

Graphically, it is also always sought to have a realistic and especially gloomy game. But keep in mind that the graphics should not go to the extreme. Basically you have to be able to see what you have around you even with a simple flashlight avoiding that you can literally leave your eyes on the screen trying to focus looking for the information in front of you.

Games that mix terror with survival

If you want a much better experience, mixing terror with survival is one of the best options you can take. Here we show you the best options that can be found in this regard.

Dying Light

One of the most awarded zombie games that mix horror with survival. It is from the creators of Dead Island or Call of Juarez. It has been so relevant that it has set a precedent for future games in this same style. This is a first person game where you will find yourself in a city devastated by a zombie virus. Your mission will be to choose if you want to save the survivors or simply obey your bosses and let everyone die.

You will find yourself in a huge open world to be able to explore the city more freely than ever and enjoy its unique atmosphere. The combat is quite creative and discover the almost unlimited options you have to fight against all the enemies, being able to combine your weapons with the environment itself to cause explosions. In addition, the world changes between night and morning having to flee quickly if you do not want to die when the sun ends up disappearing the sky.

Developer: Techland


Survival style horror co-op game for 1-4 players. The story focuses on a very specific goal: to stop the cult leader before she drags you to hell with her. To do this, you must run, shout and hide, avoiding being captured at all times. Obviously the cooperative mode is the most recommended since you will take control of four members of the cult having to work as a team to stop Anna screaming together.

If you are a veteran person, you can enter the mode of a game where you must shout for yourself something that complicates the experience much more. Keep in mind that each of the games that are going to be developed is not the same since to stop Anna you have to coordinate each time in a different way.

Developer: Luke Fanning

Left for Dead 2

This game is set in a zombie apocalypse. The ultimate goal of the whole story is to survive by the different maps that the developers propose through force. We are in front of a delivery that is an action FPS that mixes survival with terror . You will always play with one of the four survivors armed with a wide arsenal of weapons. From here an intrepid fight against the zombies will begin that you can find anywhere.

The really interesting thing about L4D2 is that you can play cooperatively with all your friends. Each of the survivors will be controlled by one of your friends, being able to communicate through the internal voice chat. In this way, a lot is gained since the difficulty is reduced by not having to play together with artificial intelligence and power is in direct contact with all teammates. The only problem is that we are facing a game from 2008 and this shows in its mechanics and graphics.

Developer: Valve

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

First person survival horror game that focuses on immersion, discovery and life inside a nightmare. You will put yourself in the shoes of Daniel who wakes up in a castle barely remembering his past. Your mission will be to explore the ghostly trails and become involved in the disturbed memories of Daniel . The ultimate goal is to enter the last dark corners of the human mind.

You will find yourself in a game that throws you headlong into a dangerous world where problems lurk around every corner. You can only defend yourself by hiding, running or using your head well. The graphics are in state-of-the-art 3D with a dynamic sound system having absolute control from the beginning to the end.

Developer: Frictional Games

Live the psychological terror with these games


You start your journey in a paranormal event company and your first job is to enter a rather old haunted house. This is because an agent wants to sell it but it is constant enough due to all the rumors that there are around the city about paranormal events that occur in the house. That is why tests are needed to determine the home is completely safe. Your goal as we have said is to go home alone or with three friends and get the necessary evidence for your company to see that there is some suspicious activity.

As we have commented previously, you can play in solo or multiplayer mode. Once you are inside the house you will have to look for the clues that you will find through the notes that you will see throughout the house. On your way you must find keys, dolls or matches. But it is quite important to keep in mind that the girl can hear you and see you so avoid being seen and always remain calm.

Developer: Shawn Hitchcock


You are on a remote mountain in Colorado where an asylum exists. This acted as a mental health facility until it was abandoned. But it recently reopened as a secret charity and research center. This undoubtedly made many people suspect that something strange was being done in the newly opened asylum. Faced with this information, an independent journalist, Miles Upshur, did not want to do the easy thing and traveled to the asylum to be able to visualize the horrors that could be found here.

Keep in mind that this is a game that tries to play constantly with your mind. You will have to go through small spaces and you will barely be able to defend yourself from all the monsters that you will encounter. Your first mission is always to escape through the asylum in order to finally find the secrets that you will find. The graphics are quite immersive similar to triple A.

Developer: Red Barrels


You are on Halloween night and everything is going well until it goes wrong as a result of a power outage. In order to defend yourself from the supernatural forces that begin to emerge and control your perception of reality, it is with fragments of essence that allow you to restore your connection with the dimension of your home. Obviously it is a race against time to prevent the demon Maguntsche from dominating your soul.

Here the developers are playing with different important factors in order to create an immersive and especially terrifying experience on a psychological level. Your main mission is to explore everything around you quickly without the possibility of defending yourself with a weapon or anything similar. Obviously the devil is in your house constantly so you should avoid meeting him always.

Developer: Kaleb Wassa

Scarlet hollow

Game that combines horror and mystery giving a very positive result with very positive reviews since it is in Early Access. You find yourself trapped in the mining town of Scarlet Hollow to attend your aunt’s funeral. You quickly find a center with a dark mystery that threatens your life and the fate of the entire city, such as who lives or who dies.

You will have to enter this narrative game to be able to find out exactly what is happening in this center. The game integrates a complex relationship system that changes depending on all the characters you have around you . That is why we are facing a very interesting role system with which you will have fun and terrifying moments.

Developer: Black Tabby Games

Our final recommendation

There are many games that we have been discussing throughout this article and surely you feel somewhat lost or misplaced with not knowing exactly what to play. That is why we recommend the Dying Lightning in the survival section, for its open world map as well as for the movement system. For us it is one of the best survival games that implements zombie-like terror and the limitation of ammunition throughout the environment.

In the case of psychological terror there are some really interesting options. We disliked OUTLAST because of the story it raises as well as the tension that is experienced while enjoying this game. The fact of going with a simple camera that gives light to everything you are seeing in your path is something that puts you in constant tension, something that is appreciated in psychological terror.