Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair of 2020

It is becoming easier to have a robot vacuum cleaner at home. A few years ago, having such a device was within reach of the wealthiest pockets. But, things have changed a lot, and thanks to the technological revolution we are living, you can find a wide variety of models at prices much more restrained than you imagine.

For this reason, Roomba’s rivals that you can find for sale are quite a lot. Of course, you have to keep in mind that, in this type of devices, you have to be very clear about the use that you are going to give it. You may only want a robot vacuum cleaner to vacuum the floor of your house. Or you prefer a more complete model, which also passes the mop and scrub the floor so you have the cleanest home in the world. Do you have a dog or cat in your house? Then it is another factor that you should keep in mind.


What robot vacuum cleaner model to choose if I have pets at home?

Yes, our four-legged friends are part of our family. Yes, these animals are an excellent company, making us have a good time. But, let’s be clear, they are constantly releasing hair, leaving all the floor of the house with those characteristic balls that make it clear that not everything is advantages. Luckily, there is a solution.

And this, happens to buy a robot vacuum cleaner that has specific characteristics that allow you to clean the floor of pet hair. Did you think that all available models have this functionality? Nothing is further from reality. And, because of the composition of this element, it is necessary that the robot cleaner has sufficient suction power to be able to suction your dog or cat’s hair without problems.

On the other hand, it is also important that the brushes be able to pick up the hair without major problems. And no, not all cleaning robots available in the market have this functionality. For this reason, when choosing a gadget of this type it is quite important to look carefully at the features so as not to get disappointed when you try it at home.

Robot aspirador Roomba 960

Best models to combat the hair of your pets

To make things easy for you, we have prepared a compilation with the best models on the market that have the ability to collect your pet’s hair without major problems. And yes, there are a few robot vacuum cleaners with this capability. Don’t you want to go crazy? These are the best models that you can find in the market.



We begin this compilation with the robot vacuum cleaner specialized in pet hair more economical of this compilation. We are talking about a model that has a special brush to collect this type of element without any problem. Add your 4 available modes, in addition to being able to activate it remotely, along with a scandal price, it is one of the best bargains to consider if you are looking for an economical device.

Buy Zaco V3sPRO

EUR 149.99

robot aspirador Vileda VR 201 PetPro

Vileda VR 201 PetPro

Yes, this Vileda robot cleaner has been specifically designed to deal with any type of pet hair. Hence its name. For this, it has a special brush to collect the hair of all types of animals, in addition to a double filter against allergens and pollen. And eye, that its autonomy of 90 minutes guarantees that it will leave the floor of your house like the jets of gold with a single charge.

Vileda VR 201 PetPro – Robot vacuum cleaner, dirt tank XL, special brush for animals, double filter for allergens and pollen, charging base, autonomy of 90 minutes, dark gray

EUR 200.00

Robot aspirador Roomba 960 funcionando

iRobot Roomba 960

We pass one of the jewels of the crown in the robot vacuum cleaner market. Yes, iRobot continues to offer a range of height products. And the name his Roomba family has earned is more than justified. This particular iRobot Roomba 960 has everything you need to leave the floor of your home clean like a whistle. The best? That now has a discount of 320 euros that makes it much more palatable.

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 5 Times Superior Suction, Anti-Tang Rubber Brushes, Dirt Detect Sensors, Wifi, App Programmable, Alexa compatible, Gray

EUR 479.00



Another of Zaco’s options that you should keep in mind is this V5 model. We speak of a more vitaminized version, which stands out for offering a greater suction power. Do you want to clean your pet hair house? Well, nothing like activating the Max mode, which will be responsible for vacuuming any particles of dust and hairs that may be in your home.

ZACO V5sPro – 2 in 1 robot vacuum cleaner scrubber, 4 cleaning modes and Max mode, pet hair vacuum cleaner, for hard floors and short hair carpets, luxurious golden color

EUR 199.00

robot iRobot Braava m6134

iRobot Roomba e5154

Following this compilation of the best robot vacuum cleaner that you can buy to remove the hairs of your pet , we have this other model of iRobot. Yes, under one name almost impossible to remember one of the most complete solutions is hidden. This robot can be controlled by Alexa, ideal to get more out of your smart speaker, you can control it with your mobile, it has a scandal battery … And a discount of 159 euros to get you one of the best bargains.

iRobot Roomba e5154 – Optimum Pet Vacuum Robot, 5 Times Superior Suction, Anti-Tang Rubber Brushes, Dirt Detect Sensors, Hard Floors and Carpet, Wifi, Programmable App, Alexa compatible

EUR 339.99

Cecotec Robot Aspirador Conga Serie 1090

Cecotec Robot Vacuum Conga Series 1090

We turn to a robot vacuum cleaner quite complete, and that offers an even more attractive price. Cecotec has managed to gain a foothold in the sector based on offering high quality solutions at a scandal price. And this Spanish company knows what it does. More, if you consider that the Conga 1090 Series offers a suction power of 1400 Pa, glass cover, Alexa compatibility, pet mode … Also, now you can buy it with a discount of 28 percent.

Cecotec Robot Vacuum Conga Series 1090 Connected. With App, Compatible with Alexa and Google Home with Special Pet Brush, Magnetic Wall, 1400 Pa Suction, Tempered Glass Cover

EUR 179.90

Aspirador Ecovacs Deebot N79S

Ecovacs Deebot N79S

Another of the best cleaning robots with which to have your home like the jets of gold despite having pets in your home, is the Ecovacs Debot N79S. A very complete product, and that stands out for offering a series of functionalities that make a difference. You can control this device using your mobile phone, bet on its suction modes depending on the type of soil, obstacle detection … And some assessments on Amazon that confirm that it is a sure hit.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S – Robot vacuum cleaner random navigation, control by App and Alexa, Wifi, 4 cleaning modes, 2 levels of suction, hard floors and carpets, detects obstacles and unevenness, black

EUR 129.00

Robot aspirador Roomba 671

iRobot Roomba 671

Here is one of the cheapest iRobot models you can buy. But that is not why we are talking about a low-end product. Nothing is further from reality. This Roomba 671 will be the biggest enemy of your pet’s hair. Thanks to its Dirt Detect technology, it will be in charge of locating any particle and vacuuming it to leave the floor of your house like new.

iRobot Roomba 671 Robot vacuum cleaner hard floors and carpets, Dirt Detect technology, 3-phase cleaning, Wifi, programmable by app, compatible with Alexa, Black

EUR 234.15

Ecovacs Deebot 600

Ecovacs Deebot 600

In this case, we are facing a robot vacuum cleaner that is an all-in-one. More than anything because, not only is it able to sweep the floor, but it will also pass the mop, scrub and vacuum. Come on, it will meet the expectations of the most demanding users. It has two modes of suction, ideal to face the hairs of pets, in addition to being able to control it from the mobile and ability to detect obstacles. And seeing the good ratings you have on Amazon, it is clear that this purchase is a sure hit.

Ecovacs Deebot 600 – Robot Vacuum Cleaner 4 in 1: sweeps, vacuums, mop and scrub, smart navigation, App, Wifi, 4 cleaning modes, 2 levels of suction, hard floor, detects obstacles, white

EUR 213.24

robot aspirador de Xiaomi

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner

In a compilation with the best devices to have your home cleaner than ever, you could not miss a Xiaomi model. We talk about a robot vacuum cleaner really complete, with a suction power more than enough, pet mode, in addition to a suction power of 1800 Pa to meet your expectations. And, seeing that it does not exceed 300 euros, it is one of those models that you should not miss.

Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1 Sweeping Smart Automatic App Control 5200Am 1800Pa International Version White

EUR 299.99