The Best Rings of Light for the Mobile. Cheap, Small and Colorful

TikTok is more fashionable than ever, so much so that Instagram has been responsible for imitating the platform with Reels. If you are looking for the perfect lighting to upload your videos to any social network, and even YouTube, surely you know that professionals make use of an accessory called ” ring of light “. What does it consist of?

Beyond millions of followers and top brand offerings, a large ring of light could be the main difference between true TikTok influencers and more casual users. Of course, reaching the top is not easy at all, but if you want to start on the right foot, you will need to support your creativity with some accessories such as a tripod or, perhaps more important, a good circle-shaped flash for your phone.

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What is a ring of light?

For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about or are a bit of a “boomer” like the one this writes, a light ring is a relatively simple tool that provides professional lighting conditions in photos and videos. The device generally consists of a circle of small LED bulbs or an uninterrupted ring of light that provides an evenly diffused light source for recording photos and videos, regardless of the natural light that exists in the place where we are recording the clip.

This tool has been used since time immemorial by photographers for their portraits but it soon made the leap from new forms of streaming, that is, to youtubers . The main influencers of our favorite platforms are always perfectly illuminated thanks to the fact that, together with the camera, they have a ring light system that prevents the appearance of shadows on the face and gives us a more “lively” look.

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Currently, with the rise of apps like TikTok or the new Instagram tools, a wide variety of sizes and models of these types of accessories are available, each of which satisfies a unique set of needs, from height-adjustable rings to options. smaller ones made to measure for the cameras of our phones.

Whether you are looking for the best deal on the market or the most professional hoop, you can find a good number of options on Amazon.

Amazon’s best options

At Amazon we find options of all kinds, RingLight that adapt to the front camera of the smartphone, light rings that have LEDs of different colors, others with remote control, the cheapest, the most premium … All of them focused on illuminating your face in the best way to stand out in your TikTok or Instagram videos.

These are the most interesting of the entire platform:

The cheapest light ring

The ELEGIANT hand-held light ring has everything you need to illuminate your video conferences as long as you are not too demanding, since its price is around 15 euros.

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Despite its low price, it has three levels of light settings and a wide range that covers 11 lighting levels. Of course it has a small tripod to house the phone and a remote trigger to control the on and off and the intensity of the light.

Colorful RingLight

If you are looking for something more professional and, in the end, more expensive, the WEEylite option is perfect to bring to life the most creative videos thanks to its RGB color accounts that, beyond offering a large number of colors, allows adjustment color temperature between 2500 – 8500 K with continuous dimming from 0% to 100%.

It is a ring of considerable dimensions, with a circumference of 45 cm adjustable in height of up to 1.70 cm and with a small slot for the mobile with the possibility of movement in 360 degrees. It can also be controlled remotely using a remote control or its mobile application.

The most professional

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Neewer also sells what for us is one of the best ring light for mobile. It is the one that accumulates the most positive votes in the online store and has everything you need to perfectly illuminate any scene.

It is a 19-inch ring that includes a light stand, power adapter, light carrying bag, a head ball, a phone holder and a remote control. It offers several cold and warm color temperature ranges and an adjustable brightness in each light mode so you can choose the one that suits you best. In addition, the light head can perform a 180 degree rotation of the ring light, providing greater shooting options. The height varies from 60 centimeters to 157 centimeters, being able to put it anywhere.

Amazon’s best seller

Neewer seems to be the specialist in this field as it is repeated several times, not only in this list with the best light rings for mobile phones , but also among the Amazon sales tops. Specifically, the best seller is the one that we link under these lines, which has dimensions of 48 cm and the possibility of playing with white light or orange light by applying a series of color filters made of plastic.

It has a 155 cm tripod, the possibility of hooking the smartphone into a special adapter and using it to record your best TikTok videos at the height you want.

The biggest

If what you are looking for is a good light source, the larger the better and this is precisely what the Neewer flash offers, a 53-centimeter outdoor LED that also has a 200-centimeter support. Offers a white light that can be set between different levels of color temperature (3200k to 5600k)

It has a small adapter to house the telephone in the center of the ring and thus be able to illuminate the scene in the most optimal way possible. It can also be plugged into the power or used with a built-in battery to run without the need for a plug nearby.

Built-in front camera

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A practical solution, although with worse results than the options seen in these lines, is to adapt the circular flash on top of the smartphone.

This ring of light is placed on top of the mobile as a clamp and has a built-in rechargeable battery that illuminates both the rear and front cameras. It has 3 adjustable brightness levels and is the most portable and lightest option of the entire list of Amazon light rings , in addition to barely costing 10 euros.