The Best Readers of eBooks or eReaders: Features and Prices

ereadersIf you are one of those who like reading and those who “eat your books”, then surely you have considered moving to electronic format on more than one occasion. A format that offers many advantages over the book of a lifetime on paper, although the truth is that there are many who still prefer the most classic format. Now, both formats do not have to be at odds and the best thing is that we can make the most of each one of them. These are the best eBook readers you can buy today and the advantages and disadvantages of an eReader.

Although it may seem a lie, there may still be people who confuse the terms eBooks and eReaders, therefore, before going into more detail, it is worth clarifying the meaning of both. In the first place, the term eBook refers to a book in electronic format, that is, the digital file with the book’s own content, while on the other hand the eReader is the device that allows us to read eBooks.


Advantages and disadvantages of eBook readers

  • Large storage capacity : Being able to store many, but many books in a small device is one of the great advantages of eReaders.
  • Size and lightness : eBook readers are devices with dimensions generally smaller than books in paper format. In this way, it is much more comfortable to leave the house with an eReader than with a book under the arm, since they are very light devices and that we can carry in any bag without major problem.
  • Good reading experience : Today, many models have high quality screens that allow us to read anywhere and almost under any conditions. They allow us to read in a dark environment, avoid reflections, etc.
  • Ease of buying eBooks and at a good price : As a general rule, the price of electronic books is lower than that of traditional books. In addition, there is also the possibility to rent eBooks or subscribe to certain services that offer us access to a lot of book libraries in this format. Therefore, finding books of our liking and interest and at a lower price is another of the main advantages of eReaders.
  • Other functions : The fact of being electronic devices, allows us to offer other interesting functions, such as being able to consult the meaning of certain words while reading.

But not all are advantages, since there are certain aspects to take into account when using an electronic book reader and they may be at a disadvantage compared to books in paper format.

  • Battery : Without a doubt, one of the main drawbacks of eReaders is that we can run out of battery at any time and cannot continue reading until we can recharge it. Something that of course, will not happen to us with a traditional book.
  • It requires certain knowledge : The use of an eReader can be very simple for someone who is used to handling other types of similar electronic devices and has certain computer skills. And in most cases, we will have to use Internet and auxiliary programs to download eBooks or even convert them into another format compatible with our reader.
  • Not all books are available in electronic format : it is possible that the book we are looking for is not in digital format, therefore, we will not be able to read it in any way in an eReader and we will have no choice but to buy it in paper format.
  • Price : of course, although the eBooks are cheaper, the use of an eReader means making an initial outlay. Something that many may not mind considering that it is an investment, while for other people it can be a great inconvenience.

The best eReaders we can buy today


As far as this type of device is concerned, the truth is that the online shopping giant has some of the best models on the market. Its Kindle range has been one of the benchmarks in the world of eBook readers for years and hence the first on the list is this Amazon Kindle.

A model that now has an integrated adjustable front light so we can read in places with less light or even at night, without any problem. It has a 167 dpi high contrast screen that avoids typical reflections so annoying when reading. Its autonomy is very large, so we can be even for weeks without having to charge it (depending on the use we give it). Its price is 89.99 euros on Amazon.

lectores de ebooks Kindle

Kindle Paperwhite

Paperwhite is undoubtedly one of the best selling eBook readers. A waterproof model, with a 6-inch high resolution screen with WiFi or WiFi + 4G and the possibility of choosing between 8 or 32 GB of storage capacity. The Paperwhite screen has a density of 300 dpi, which allows you to read as if it were a paper and without any reflections.

It also has integrated dimmable light for reading at night and offers an autonomy that makes us forget to have to charge it in weeks. The price for the 8GB WiFi version is 139.99 euros , while the 32GB version goes up to 169.99 euros .

lectores de ebooks kindle paperwhite

Kindle Oasis

Without leaving the Amazon environment, the Kindle Oasis is another of the eBook reader models of the online shopping giant that could not be missing in this list. This model has adjustable warm light, water resistance and the possibility to choose between two storage capacities 8 or 32 GB, WiFi or WiFi + 4G connectivity.

The Kinkle Oasis is equipped with a 7-inch Paperwhite screen with 300 dpi and borderless front design. The adjustable warm light allows you to change the shade of the screen from white to amber so that we can adapt it at any time to each situation and it has E-Ink technology, which will offer us a reading experience practically like when we read on paper. The price of this eBook reader starts at 249.99 euros for the WiFi model with 8GB and reaches 339.99 euros for the 32 model with WiFi + 4G.

Rakuten Kobo Clara HD

The Kobo range is another of the most popular and best valued by users of eBook readers. The Kobo Clara HD is an eReader with 6-inch touch screen and Letter e technology that offers a great reading experience. One of the great advantages is its great compatibility with all types of eBooks, CBR, CBZ, EPUB DRM, HTML, MOBI, PDF, RTF, TXT, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, Tiff, etc. formats .

Inside it has 8GB of capacity to store hundreds and hundreds of books and we can buy it at a price of 129 euros on Amazon from the following link.

lectores de ebooks kobo clara

Rakuten Kobo Shape

The next model in this compilation of eBook readers is the Kobo Forma. Another model within the Kobo range of Rakuten with great features. It is an eReader with a touch screen of nothing more and nothing less than 8 inches with a 3: 4 ratio and resolution 1.440x1920p.

It has WiFi connectivity and also supports the vast majority of the most common formats in which we can get our favorite eBooks, CBR, CBZ, HTML, MOBI, PDF, RTF, TXT, ePub, etc. The price of Kobo Forma is 273.17 euros with 8 GB of storage capacity.

Pocket Touch Lux 4

It is another of the eReader models that we find in Amazon with good ratings and that also has an affordable price. It is an ebook reader with 6-inch touch screen, built-in speakers, Built-in camera, dictionary and compatible with the most popular ebook formats, CHM, DOC, DOCX, DjVu, EPUB, RM, FB2, FB2.ZIP , HTM, HTML, MOBI, PDF, PRC, RTF, TXT, etc.

It also has E-Ink letter technology to offer a great reading experience, 8GB and a price of 119.99 euros.

lectores de ebooks pockerbook