The Best Programs to Schedule PC Shutdown

For an increasing number of users, working with the Windows based PC has become almost constant throughout the day. This is because we not only use it for professional purposes, but then we get home and turn it back on for other personal or leisure tasks.

Thus, we can interact with others through social networks, play online or locally, watch movies and series, download content of all kinds from the Internet, etc. It is for all this that for many users the computer is working almost all day, they only turn it off for a few hours at night, at best. This is especially evident if we spend a good number of hours downloading content .

Best Programs to Schedule PC Shutdown

How it will be useful to schedule Windows shutdown

Well, in these same lines we are going to talk about a series of tools that will help you better manage operating hours. With this what we want to tell you is that we will tell you about some useful programs to automate or schedule the restart or shutdown of Windows.

If we think about it carefully, the truth is that we can think of many situations in which the scheduled or automated shutdown of the PC can be useful to us. For example, when a download is complete, when an application is finished updating, when a system finishes a task, etc. To all this we can add that we prefer that the equipment be turned off every day at a certain time, even if it is early in the morning, for example.

Whatever your personal reason, in these lines we will try to help you. This we will achieve thanks to a series of very useful applications in this type of tasks in particular, that is, to automate the system shutdown.

The best programs to schedule Windows shutdown

KetePares, simplicity also in Spanish

If what we are looking for is a program with these characteristics that does not offer us complex customization and configuration options, this is an excellent alternative. It is a program with a somewhat representative name, Ketepares. This presents us with a user interface in which we highlight that it is entirely in Spanish. So, all we have to do is download the program from this link and run it.


After that, in its own window, we set the shutdown time, and that’s it. This will indicate the exact time when we want Windows to shutdown on its own. Here the only setting we find is whether or not we want it to sound before the event.

RTG Ninja Shutdown, shutdown, restart or logout

On the other hand we find another simple proposal, with an interface similar to the previous one, but with some other interesting options. This is a program that we can download from this link and that also allows us to set the hour, minutes and seconds of the shutdown. However, as we mentioned before, it has other additional functions.

RTG Ninja Shutdown

We tell you this because this program will also be useful to us when it comes to scheduling the system to restart, or to log out. In addition, it allows us to keep the counter or clock visible, or to hide it automatically .

UnPowerIt Now, schedule by CPU consumption

But of course, not all users seek maximum simplicity when they get ready to work with their applications. Sometimes they require some other applications that are somewhat more complex and have additional options. This is the case that we will talk about here, a software that offers us additional information about the equipment itself on its interface .

UnPowerIt Now

Perhaps the main feature of this software that we are talking about is that it allows us to program the shutdown based on the CPU workload. Thus, in real time we see at all times both its expenditure and its average. Therefore, we can establish that after passing a certain average CPU consumption , the computer turns itself off. This is something that will be very helpful in certain circumstances. To get the same we can do it from here .

Simple Shutdown Timer, multiple shutdown functions, in one

In order to take advantage of this shutdown programming software, we can do it from this link . Actually we are referring to a proposal that we can install or use in a portable way and that offers us some functions to carry out to program from here. At first we find a simple clock or timer.

Simple Shutdown Timer

But the interesting thing here is that for this we offer several proposals such as shutting down, restarting, hibernating, suspending or closing the Windows session . This opens up a wide range of possibilities in this regard depending on the reason for the programming.

SDClock, a confusing interface that allows remote work

It could be said that this is not the best option in the event that we are looking for a program with which to get around quickly. To start we will tell you that you can download it from this link and that it offers us some additional configuration options. This is why we say that it is a somewhat more complex option than the previous ones.


In fact, we right-click on the icon of the program that is located in the system tray, we access these settings. These will allow us to choose the action to carry out, indicate the applications that we do not want to close if we suspend, specify a server to use remotely, or establish a theme for the interface. Say that from here we can turn off, restart, hibernate , close session , etc.

Simple Auto Shutdown, shutdown Windows with a custom message

This is an application that we can download from this link that also allows us to turn off, restart or log out of Windows in an automated way.

Simple Auto Shutdown

But if there is something that characterizes this application that we are talking about, it is that, within its simplicity, it allows us to add a personalized text as a warning. This will be useful for teams that other users will use later.

Boot Snooze, Windows hibernation after some time without use

For all those who want to try another proposed shutdown of Windows, we talk about Boot Snooze, an application that you can download from here . Unlike other proposals that we have seen along these same lines, this one works in a slightly different way. Therefore, what Boot Snooze offers us is to be able to program that, after a restart of the PC, we program the time if I use it to enter hibernation mode , for example.

Boot Snooze


In order to test Remindisk, you can do it from this link , a program to disconnect certain disk drives. Thus, this program is useful for those who use external units that do not usually disconnect or turn off after a while. So that this does not happen again, the application warns us if we want to turn off the equipment and there are any of these units connected.


Therefore, in the event that we leave a unit connected to the computer with sensitive data, we can make it turn off by itself after a certain period of time.