Best Programs for Video Conferencing in Windows

Since the coronavirus outbreak will arrive in our country, it has caused a large number of people to go to work from home. To keep in touch with the people we need to collaborate with on a day-to-day basis, there are different applications with which to make video conferences and thus be able to speak face to face with other people, from our own virtual meeting room.

Thanks to the Internet and teleworking is expanding, the number of applications for videoconferencing that we can find is increasing. In this way we can always be in contact with all the people with whom we must interact every day. It is possible to make videoconferences from programs that we can download to our computer or from web pages that allow us to enter virtual rooms from where to carry them out.

Best Programs for Video Conferencing in Windows

Many of these applications are compatible with a large number of users, which is a great option for all types of companies. In addition, they can be used by also for personal use, and keep in contact with our closest people by doing group meetings.

Apps for video conferencing


This application allows us to create videoconference sessions with up to 8 people , simply by downloading the application and accessing it through a username and password. It is multi-device, so we can use it on both Windows and macOS computers and Android and iOS mobiles. The program stands out for having great stability in both audio and video , as well as having a very simple interface to use, being suitable for all types of users. Other functions that we can find in the application is the possibility of making calls without video, writing text messages through chat and making file transfers.

ooVoo is a completely free application so it is ideal to test it and check that it meets our needs. We just have to download it from its official website .



Without a doubt, Skype has become one of the most popular applications for video conferencing. This tool allows conversations with up to 50 participants with an unlimited duration . It is a VoIP application that allows us to access the meeting from practically any device, since we can choose to install it on our computer, mobile or tablet or access it from a web browser. It also has a function to record calls , allowing us to save and share the duration of the call for a maximum of 30 days. In addition, it offers great quality of both HD video and sound during video conferences.

If we want to start using Skype we can download it for free from its website . With the free version we will be able to make video conferences with a maximum of 10 people.

Configurar micro webcam Skype - 1


With this web application we can make video conferences, being specialized for business use. The meetings are carried out through shared links between the participants, it allows customizing the interface in order to implement the colors or the company logo, as well as to share the screen or record the meetings. We will be able to access the application both from a web browser and from our mobile, and there may be members in the meeting who access it from different devices.

If we want to access Whereby services, we can choose its free version with which we will have a room whenever we want, being able to access up to 4 participants. It also has a paid service that we can buy from $ 9.99 a month.



This web application has different types of spaces where you can hold company meetings safely through high-quality videoconferencing . It has an interface that is easy and intuitive to use, allowing us to carry out all kinds of conferences, whether through video, audio or text using chats. We can also record all meetings, as well as screen sharing. There will be no lack of calendar compatibility to always have our meetings organized, as well as compatibility with any device, be it a computer or a mobile phone.

Lifesize allows you to organize free meetings with up to 25 partitions, for this you only need to register on their website .


Zoom Meetings

It is an excellent option directed for companies that has a truly attractive free option, since it allows us to organize videoconferences with up to 100 participants . Of course, when the videoconference is greater than 3 participants, it is limited to 40 minutes. If we do not want these restrictions we can choose your payment plan and increase the limit of participants to 500. It also allows you to record videos or audios and share screen with other conference participants. It has excellent HD image quality and is cross-platform, so we can access it from a Windows and macOS computer, or from a mobile device with Android or iOS.

To start using Zoom Meetings you only need to access its website and use it for free. In case we decide to opt for some of your payment options, they start at $ 14.99 a month.

Captura Zoom

Microsoft Team

This service is Microsoft’s great bet for companies since it offers us the possibility of holding online meetings and audio conferencing. It has the possibility of making video conferences with audio and video in HD . In addition, you have the possibility to save conversations, write by chats and even make task lists for members. It also has the ability to capture both audio and video to share with members of the room, as well as some advanced features, such as blurring the background to avoid distractions.

To start using Microsoft Team for business use, we must have an Office 365 license, since it is a tool that is included and access its official page . For home use, it will be possible to use it for free but only from a mobile device.

Microsoft Teams - Videollamadas

Google Hangouts

This service is part of Google, with which we can have free access through our Gmail account, allowing video conferences with up to 10 people . If we have contracted G Suite Basic or G Suite for Educational Centers, the number increases to 100 participants through Google Meet. This web application also allows the use of voice chat and we can send the invitations to the participants through a link or email.

We can access Google Hangouts from any web browser by accessing its official page with our Gmail username and password or from any mobile device, be it Android or iOS.

Videollamadas Google Hangout


This application for video conferencing allows up to 150 people if we have a Professional plan, and can reach up to 250 if we have a Business plan, being compatible with high-resolution videos. It will allow us to personalize the meetings, so that we can schedule in advance . In addition, being compatible with Google Calendar, we can configure a reminder so that we do not forget it. It also allows us to record the conferences and during the intervention of each participant it will mark us who is speaking at all times so that we do not get lost when the meetings are with a large number of people.

GoToMeeting has a monthly price of $ 12. If we want to test it before, we can access its platform and test it for free for 14 days.



This web-based application is aimed at both small and medium-sized companies, offering the possibility of videoconferencing with up to 250 people , enabling image quality up to HD . It has the possibility of selling a ticket for entry into the group, making payment through Paypal and managed by Anymeeting. This can be interesting for conducting seminars or courses so that payment can be made through the platform. In addition, it has the possibility of sharing the screen or sending text messages through chats.

To start using Anymeeting we only have to access its official website and register since it is completely free. Being a web application we will not need to download any software to our computer. If you need it, the platform also offers payment plans, which we can buy from $ 9.99 a month.


Free Conference Call

This web application will allow us virtual meetings and audio and video conferences with up to 1000 people . Its features include the possibility of sharing the screen, as well as the possibility of making screen recordings, all completely free. It is cross-platform, so it will allow us to attend the meeting from our computer or mobile device (Android or iOS). It also has other functions such as call management or integration with our calendar , so that we do not forget any pending meeting.

If we want to use the FreeConferenceCall application to conduct our videoconferencing sessions for free, it will only be necessary to access its website .