Best Programs to Delete Temporary Files on Windows 10 PC

The storage space that we have available on our Windows 10 computer, is one of the aspects that we look at over time. And this is something that can directly affect the functionality of the equipment itself in the future; So, let's see what to do with temporary files.

And when buying or renewing our PC, there are several sections that we must take into account, but not only the power of the processor, or the RAM that it includes.

It is also extremely important in the times that run, the storage space with which we will have. But not only the space as such, but the type of units available to the new

It must be taken into account that in the middle of 2019 there are many types of use we make of the PC, both in professional and leisure environments. That is why we increasingly use a greater number of programs for all this, which has many advantages, but some other inconvenience.

One of the main problems that this presents, as you can imagine, is the space they consume.

To all this we must add the operating system, usually Windows 10, in addition to our own data. Here not only Word or Excel documents come into play, but the thousands of photos that some of us have, musicmovies, or series.

Manage your PC storage space in the best way

These are contents that normally take up a lot of disk space, so we will have to be careful. It is for all this that we tell you, that the space we have is becoming a very precious asset. At this point, mention that it is very important to get rid of everything we have saved but that we do not use.

Whether they are installed applications, or personal files that are already useless. However, there are other types of data that are a little beyond our control, at least initially.

Specifically, we refer to that data and files that are gradually being saved in the disk drives of the computer, but generated by the operating system or installed apps. These are files that the software uses temporarily, but then remain there forever without any use.

Of course, all he does is consume our precious disk space, but in a totally absurd way. That is why we are going to show you how to get rid of it all.

Specifically, we refer to those that are precisely known as temporary archives, to which we must add that they sometimes occupy several gigabytes. At this point, deleting temporary files from the Windows 10 computer can be a very important task.

For example, this is especially evident in those storms generated by the operating system itself, which are sometimes many. Therefore, we can use several methods to delete temporary files in Windows 10, as we will see.

Third-party applications to delete temporary files

These that we have mentioned are the options that Windows 10 itself proposes, although we can also use external third-party solutions. There are many applications that we can find right now and that we can use to free up space on our disk drives. There is both free and paid, and now we will mention some of the most popular.


Of course, we must bear in mind that although some are promoted as PC accelerators, that is somewhat questionable, since freeing up space does not have to accelerate the operation of the equipment.

What we can do very well is, as we told you, to gain space by deleting useless temporary files. For example, this is the case of the popular CCleaner application, one of the most popular solutions for these tasks.

This is a program that you can download from here and it will be very helpful to clean all types of files. These will not only correspond to those of the operating system itself, but also covers all types of installed applications

Glary Utilities

Another interesting option in this regard is found with Glary Utilities, a cleaning program to delete temporary Windows files.

You can download this from this link and it also presents a good amount of additional functions. Thus, it has a Windows registry repairman, duplicate file finder, shortcut manager, etc.

With all this, we not only managed to free up space on our disk drives, which is what concerns us now, but to solve some operating system problems.

AVG TuneUp

In order to delete temporary files from our Windows 10, another of the free third-party solutions that we can use, is from AVG TuneUp.

This is a program that you can download without paying a single euro from here to erase temporary, among other functions. And this is a very useful program that also helps us keep certain sections of the operating system of Redmond.

Wise Disk Cleaner

And finally, another of the interesting free options in this same way that we find, is with the application called Wise Disk Cleaner.

This is a program that you can download without cost from here and that basically focuses on these tasks. Thus, this is a solution that presents several working modes to delete temporary files, some more advanced than others.

Everything will depend on the level of customization we want to carry out to gain space on our disk drives. But in addition to all this, this can perform a disk defragmentation, which helps to gain speed of access to the drives. It is worth mentioning that this task can be noticed much more when performing it on somewhat older disk drives.

Therefore, we choose the method that we choose, it is recommended that we make use of any of the ones we have shown you. It is very likely that with just doing a little test, we get a pleasant surprise. And we say nice because in a few steps we can see firsthand the amount of disk space that we have wasted, and that we can free by simply deleting temporary Windows files.