Zorin OS 15 Lite: an Excellent Alternative to Windows 7

Support for Windows 7 has the days counted. In January 2020, the popular Microsoft operating system will no longer be supported. All users who still use it (which are many) will stop receiving updates and will be exposed to any problem or failure. It is not recommended to use an operating system outside its life cycle. Therefore, users who still use this operating system should consider upgrading to either Windows 10 or an alternative to Windows 7 such as the new Zorin OS 15 Lite.

Linux draws a lot of attention from users, but when it comes to giving this operating system a chance, many are backing down. This is because years ago users were afraid that Linux was difficult to use or that there were no programs for Linux. Linux is a very broad concept, and although it is true that there are very advanced distributions (such as Arch Linux), there are also very simple to use, ideal for amateur users, as is the case with Zorin OS.

Zorin OS
Zorin OS

One of the main features of this Linux distro is its simplicity. Developers have designed it with special attention to beginner users, those who have never left Windows before. Therefore, the whole distro has a very familiar appearance, reminiscent of Windows at all times, it comes with pre-installed programs so that nobody misses anything and even with an application and game store, such as macOS, to be able to easily download what we need

Within the Zorin OS ecosystem we can find several editions: the normal, the ultimate (most complete) and education, for educational environments. In addition, there is another edition that has just been updated a few hours ago: The Lite.

The "Lite" edition of Zorin OS is designed to work on computers with 700 MHz processors with a single core, 512 MB of RAM and only requires 8 GB of hard disk space.

Zorin OS 15 Lite, the Linux that wants to gain the trust of Windows 7 users

The new Zorin OS 15 Lite maintains the essence of the other versions of Zorin OS, that is, it is a Linux distro based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS very easy to use especially for beginner users accustomed to using Windows.

However, the "Lite" edition is a much smaller and lighter edition than its older sisters. This means that it is specially designed for users who have old and weak computers, offering a much higher performance than they get with Windows 7 and, therefore, what you would have if they decide to upgrade to Windows 10.

Zorin OS 15 Lite has a very light Xfce 4.14 desktop to be able to move freely on low-end computers or with a few years, in addition to including several very interesting developments regarding the previous version of this distro (12.4 Lite):

  • New icons: the new icons included with this desktop are simpler, modern and easy to understand for all users.
  • Themes and night mode: Zorin OS 15 Lite has many customization options. But one of the most relevant is the night mode. In addition, we can even configure it to change automatically according to the time of day.
  • Better compatibility with apps: the kernel of the Linux distro has been updated to make this system compatible with all the apps of this operating system. Even with the new packages and containers.
  • Notifications and "do not disturb" mode: a new notification system integrated in the desktop has been included that will notify us every time something happens. And also, if we are focused, we can activate the "do not disturb" mode to automatically silence these notifications.

How to download this alternative to Windows 7

This new version of Zorin OS 15 Lite is now available to all users. Anyone interested can download it from the following link . The download is completely free, and this distro does not need any license to use. So, unlike Windows 10, we can use this free operating system 100% legally.

When we have the ISO downloaded, we will only have to burn it to a USB (or to a DVD) to install it from scratch on the computer where we had Windows 7 so far. In a few minutes the distro will be ready and we can start using it.

If Windows 10 doesn't seem like a good alternative to Windows 7, you should give Zorin OS Lite 15 a chance. Surely you won't regret it.