The Best Products to Have Your Car Like New

The car has become an indispensable element for many families. And reasons are not lacking. The freedom a vehicle offers is unmatched by any public service. Mainly because you will not be tied to the schedules they have. Not to mention leaving the city, where you will almost certainly need this method of transport depending on the destination you want to go to.

But, it must be taken into account that a car, like any product, needs a series of care. And we are not talking about changing the oil every so often and checking that the water level is correct. If not to keep it clean. Keep in mind that it is much more important than you think.

Coche Limpio

It is important to clean your car regularly

Let’s put ourselves in the situation: you are on your way to work with a delicious coffee with milk resting on the glass rest, and that will serve to give you energy in the morning. Until you get confused by leaving it in place, dumping all its content for the car. Surely you pass a paper over to solve the problem and little else.

Big mistake. More than anything because you may not have cleaned everything correctly , making the surface that has been impregnated with your coffee with milk (more if it has sugar) remain sticky. And beware, this can cause a legion of ants to decide to settle in your vehicle. We already anticipate that it is not a pleasant situation.

Not to mention the smell inside your vehicle. Even if you have a good air freshener, if you do not maintain a correct cleaning of your car, you will have little solutions. On the other hand, if you bet on quality solutions, you will get scandalous results.

There are car scratch repairs that work very well

And not everything has to do with cleaning the car, since there are other elements that make it aesthetically lose part of its charm. We are talking about those scratches resulting from a fortuitous blow that has not seriously damaged the body of your vehicle, but has left the odd mark. Or that day when you open the door without realizing that there is a streetlight, with the consequent blow and paint of the streetlight marked on your vehicle.

Fortunately, all of this has an easy solution. As you will see later, there are several scratch repairers that work much better than you might expect. Therefore, it is worth having this product, and others that you will see later in the trunk of your car. They can get you out of more than one trouble.

Generador de ozono

Ozone generator

We start this compilation with one of the most useful products you can find. One of the great problems of most cars is the smell that is inside the vehicle. Especially if there are people who smoke, as cigarette smoke permeates the upholstery, making it very difficult to remove.

The solution? An ozone generator . This product is usually in the most professional vehicle cleaning services, so its effectiveness is clear. We can guarantee from experience that it eliminates any bad smell, leaving a much better aroma.

Seeing that this model has really restrained dimensions, in addition to a very attractive price, it is a product that you should not miss. In addition, you can use it wherever you want: in your car, in any room in your house, at the office …

GeeMo Aspiradora de Mano

GeeMo Handheld Vacuum

Another product that should not be missing in your possession if you want to have the car cleaner than ever, is a vacuum cleaner. Mainly because there will be gaps that you will not reach in any other way. Not to mention the fact that this is a wireless model, so its use is really comfortable. You can even leave it in the trunk and use it when necessary.

Bayeta de Limpieza de Microfibra Wemk

Wemk Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The advantage of microfiber cloths is that they will not damage the car in any way while you clean it, so it is worth having a couple of units in the glove compartment, in case you suffer any mishap.

Purificador de Aire Portátil con Filtro HEPA

Portable Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

One of the problems in the car is that the cabin is a closed space. And a true source of mites, viruses and bacteria. If you want to avoid these possible problems, it is best to bet on this portable air purifier with HEPA filter , so that no trace of dirt remains.

In addition, you only have to place a drop of essential oil to enjoy a really pleasant aroma in your vehicle. The best? That you can plug it directly into the cigarette lighter, since it is a product with USB connectivity.

Equipo de limpieza para automóvil

Car cleaning equipment

Isn’t it true that you don’t add any kind of gasoline to your car? Well, the same when cleaning it. Just as it is better to bet on a microfiber cloth for small surfaces, if you have to do a deep cleaning of your vehicle, it is best to bet on this cleaning kit. Its price is knockdown!

Limpia Tapicerias Coche Profesional Motorrevive

Professional Car Upholstery Cleaner Motorrevive

The Motorrevive firm is a benchmark in the sector, so you will see several solutions from this manufacturer in our compilation. If you want to clean the upholstery of your car so that it is like new, do not hesitate to bet on this product, since you will be surprised by its incredible results.

Limpia Salpicaderos Profesional Motorrevive

Motorrevive Professional Dashboard Cleaner

Another Motorrevive product that we want to recommend is its dashboard cleaner. When using a spray format, it is quite convenient to use. And the results it achieves will not disappoint you at all.

Limpiador de Llantas Liqui Moly

Liqui Moly Tire Cleaner

Compatible with all rims on the market, this cleaner achieves results that will leave you speechless. A German product for the most demanding users.

Limpiador Todo en Uno

All in One Cleaner

Without a doubt, a product that you should always carry in the trunk. Being universal it will serve you for any surface, ideal if you have suffered a mishap and have to do a quick cleaning.

Reparador de arañazos

Scratch Repair

It is logical that you think that a product of this type does not really work, but in this case we are facing a solution that will surprise you. You have doubts? Take a walk through the ratings it has from users, making it clear that this scratch repair for the car works.