The Best Nokia Feature Phones for This Summer

Every time we go on vacation in the summer, whether we like it or not, we think about the possibility that we could lose our mobile device. Or, simply, we do not want to take it with us when we go to enjoy a day in the mountains or to the beach, to be able to enjoy the day of rest without any interruptions. Therefore, the best option will be to have a feature phone , and Nokia‘s are the perfect alternative so that you can enjoy yourself without distractions.

Among its catalog we can find several models that are capable of combining a classic look of mobile devices from a few years ago, with some of the features that we can enjoy today. Although, we will also show you the latest models of the Finnish company that have innovative functions.

The most prominent feature phones

Currently, the trend is that smartphones increasingly have larger panels and different innovative elements such as the notch or fingerprints in different places of their design. On the other hand, feature phones make their small dimensions and compact designs their strongest points for the user. In addition to this last aspect, it plays a fundamental role, since it will affect both the keyboard and the screen. And how could it be otherwise, the keyboard becomes a fundamental element so that we can write and send messages.

Nokia 225 4G

Nokia 225

The first of them, the Nokia 225 4G , has a design that fuses the classic and the contemporary in a mobile phone. In addition, it will be the ideal model if we are looking for a device that can hold its battery for a whole day, without having to recharge it. We will also find a terminal with an integrated camera, wireless FM radio and the famous game ‘Snake’. And all for a price of 44.90 euros .

Nokia 6300 4G

Nokia 6300

With the Nokia 6300 4G we will have the possibility of continuing to have some of the most used apps today such as WhatsApp, Facebook or YouTube. However, we keep the design ñ or cl sico to mobile of the past, but with a touch more modern.

In addition, we will have the facilities that Google Assistant offers us so that we can call our friends faster by pressing a simple button. Even inside we find a Snapdragon 210 processor that will help us make the terminal perform in full shape. And not only that, but we can play songs or videos faster over the Internet thanks to its 4G. This terminal can be yours for only 59 euros.

Nokia 8000 4G

Nokia 8000

This Nokia 8000 4G will be easy to use and quite pleasing to the eye thanks to its quality aesthetics with a glass-like casing that has been precisely manufactured by the Finnish brand. It will also offer us great resistance that we can trust, all this accompanied by a long-lasting battery. Therefore, we will have in our hands a very complete and stylish phone.

Among its features we can find that it has WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube or even Google Maps. In addition, all these applications can be enjoyed even more thanks to its 2.8-inch panel and its resistant 3D curved keyboard. An attractive phone inside and out, priced at 71 euros.

Newest Nokia models

Nokia X20

Now it is the turn of the Nokia X20 , a smartphone from the Finnish brand in which we will have the leading speed on the market, 5G . In addition, we will also enjoy its quad camera with a 64 megapixel main sensor to be able to take the best images. On the front, we find a 32 megapixel front camera that will help us get the perfect selfies at any time. And its 6.67-inch FULL HD + panel will be ideal for watching movies or playing games. A mobile device that we can buy for a price of 379 euros.

Last but not least, we find the Nokia X10 . We are facing a mobile device that will ensure us up to two days of battery life. Among its specifications we can see that it has a quad camera in which its main sensor has 48 megapixels with ZEISS Optics . And as in the previous model, we will enjoy 5G connectivity and a 6.67-inch FULL HD + panel for a price of 329 euros.