The Best Large-capacity Hard Drives for Consoles

The moments we spent writing down passwords to continue the games on the 8-bit and 16-bit consoles are far away in time. The cartridges did not always include a stack to save the progress, so between phases those passwords would appear that allowed you to continue our steps in the game. Later came the famous Memory Cards, until they were replaced by hard drives, as in a PC, both to save games and to install games. In this list we are going to review large capacity hard drives to use with consoles, because we do not always arrive with the internal one.

Console hard drives became very popular in the last generation, dominated by Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. At the beginning of that generation, hard drives were small and only used to save games. We had plenty of that minimal capacity. However, in the middle of the generation the sale of digital games became more common, so the storage of the consoles had to be expanded.

Large-capacity Hard Drives for Consoles

Consoles eat the gigs

It was rare in those days to run out of disk space. We didn’t have as many digital games and disk games didn’t need to be installed to play. However, in the current generation (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) it has been one of the negative points of it.

When they hit the stores, with 500 GB, it looked like we were going to have a good hard drive to install games. The feeling was soon over, and over the years, it has been found that the 500 GB is clearly insufficient. There are games that exceed 200 GB of installation after patches and improvements! Fortunately, both consoles were compatible with external disk drives, although there is bad news for the new generation. Both consoles will be compatible with external storage, but only PS4 and Xbox One games can be stored on those discs .

The culprit is the system used for storage with the new consoles. A fast SSD system has been chosen and thus favor the installation and eliminate the loads between screens. If these discs are allowed, all these improvements would disappear in games installed on external drives.

discos duros externos

That is why we are going to launch to recommend the best external hard drives for consoles. Discs with large capacity so that we do not run out of space at the first change.

Seagate Game Drive 2 TB

Seagate partnered with PlayStation to launch a fast, high-capacity external hard drive for its console. It has the logo of both companies on the box, and although it is a semi-official PlayStation product, the hard drive is, logically, compatible with other consoles, such as Xbox One S | X. It can be used in the next generation, but only to install games from current consoles.

Seagate PlayStation

Toshiba Canvio Basics

We have witnessed how sometimes 2 TB hard drives also get too small for us. True, it may be a bit of a digital Diogenes, but who doesn’t like having 400 games installed on their console. For that reason, we are going to throw a lot for the 4 TB, as in this Canvio Basics model from Toshiba.

Toshiba Canvio

Western Digital WD Elements

Western Digital is a veteran manufacturer of PC storage. It has hard drives since we have reason to use it. Here we further expand the bet with a 5 TB external hard drive. Here it will be very difficult to run out of space, can you fill it?

WD Elements

Seagate Portable

Another heavyweight in the storage sector and his second proposal on this list. We are also left with its maximum capacity, so far, which goes up to 5 TB. Let no one hear you say that you have run out of space on your console with one of these hard drive connected.

Seagate Portable

Hattahh 2 TB

We dropped a bit of capacity to talk about a somewhat less known hard drive. This Hattahh offers 2 TB of storage and fast speed thanks to its USB 3.0 connection. The best thing about this option is that it comes in a robust and durable box, so it resists much better to shocks, and is even waterproof.


LaCie USB 3.0 Drive

We raise the capacity again. Now up to 4 TB with another traditional manufacturer, LaCie . Includes a one month subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud All plan, it can be an incentive, although we have come here to play today. It has a read speed of 130 MB / s. Along with its capacity, we have a hard drive to say goodbye little by little to the consoles that have made us enjoy so much.

LaCie disco duro

Trascend StoreJet 25M3S

With a peculiar design, this Trascend box can appeal to those who seek to differentiate themselves in everything they buy. In addition, it provides greater protection against impacts. We also go up to 4 GB of capacity, we are going to try to move by that figure, which is the function of this list. Less than 2 TB is only recommended if we do not want to do a lot of damage to our pocket, but these units are not excessively expensive today.

Trascend Hard Drive

WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive

Another fantastic model from Western Digital, made exclusively for the best gamers. Consoles or laptops are not always fixed in the same place. That’s why we need a portable hard drive that can withstand the daily jog. This is the manufacturer’s WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive , with which we go back up to 5 GB.

WD Black Western Digital


We go with a somewhat more modest option, for all those who do not want to spend more than approximately 50 euros. Featuring an ultra-thin metal design, this rugged Husse enclosure houses 1 TB and 2 TB hard drives. Obviously we are left with the one of 2, we do not want to go down more in this list.

Disco duro Husse

Western Digital My Passport

One of the classic Western Digital models is My Passport . It has been growing over the years and we can already find it with 5 TB. It is prepared more for Mac computers, by design and the included software, but nothing prevents us from installing it on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Of course, it comes formatted for Apple computers, so we will have to give it a good erase before bring it to the console.

WD My Passport