The Best Keyboards to Use with Laptops

There is no doubt that laptops have as one of their great virtues that they include everything that is needed to take advantage of them in the same device. But sometimes, if you need to optimize the use -and it is possible- it is not a bad idea to use different accessories that allow you to achieve this. An example is keyboards that can be placed in any position and of which we show the options that are currently interesting to buy.

These devices allow us to make the best use of the computers we are talking about, and even make it possible to manage everything that is done with the laptop with the lid closed if it is connected to a Smart TV or monitor. By the way, we are talking about independent keyboards, since generally what users do tend to have are additional mice that replace the touchpad.

Best Keyboards to Use with Laptops

The models that exist today, offer excellent compatibility so that they can be used with almost all the notebooks on the market, regardless of the operating system used (Windows, macOS and even Linux). Therefore, this is a section that you should not worry excessively when making the purchase.

Connectivity, key in keyboards for laptops

This is one of the key elements on external keyboards for use with notebooks. The reason is simple: depending on the choice made, a USB port will be used or, failing that, it will be dispensed with … but the battery consumption of the computer will be increased since in this case we are talking about Bluetooth. The case is that the most recommended options are either the aforementioned or, failing that, the use of radiofrequency that requires the installation of an adapter that goes to a port on the equipment and, furthermore, it is important to verify that it does not some driver is required to achieve this.

Something that we think is vital in the choice is to be clear if you need a laptop keyboard that is wireless or, this is not vital. The truth is that we believe that the ideal is the first case … but there are still options that use the cable to connect it and, therefore, this possibility exists (in addition, the price of these models is cheaper, therefore they should not be discarded lightly).

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Another thing that is important in these accessories is that the weight and dimensions of the device are as small as possible. The objective of this is to be able to carry the keyboards in the backpack next to the laptop without this being a handicap when it comes to going from one place to another either at a friend’s house or at work. The case is that the ideal, for example, is that 500 grams are not exceeded.

Keyboard functions that must exist

Obviously we are talking about devices that do not have in most cases an independent numerical section, but this does not diminish their usefulness. If possible, it is important that the keys are large enough so that the fingers can be comfortably positioned. And, in addition, it is not a bad idea that the choice is for membrane models that have the virtue of being much quieter than mechanical ones. By the way, it is essential that function keys are included since these are really useful.

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The models that are wireless have a factor that is usually quite decisive: autonomy . Ideally, any of the models selected will offer at least weeks of use without having to change the batteries or recharge the battery. Otherwise, the user experience is not particularly good.

Purchases that should always be valued

Next, we leave a list with the models that mails that should be valued for their good quality and adjusted price. In addition, there are all kinds of options, so it is easy to find what fits perfectly with your needs.


One of the best things this model offers is that its compatibility is excellent, since it uses Bluetooth as a way of communicating without having to use any cable. Finished in white, which makes it attractive, it includes everything you could need including a range that is weeks with regular use.

Teclados SENGBIRCH Teclado

Zienstar Keyboard

Another model that does not need any cable to use it, but in this case uses radio frequency technology … so you have to use a USB type A adapter to function. With a connection distance of up to 10 meters, its metallic finish makes it striking and fits with all types of notebooks.

Zienstar Teclado teclados portátiles

Vapechaser keyboard

This is one of the keyboards that can be folded and, therefore, it is one of the most comfortable to carry from one place to another with great comfort. It connects through the use of Bluetooth, so it can be used even on mobile devices such as smartphones. Its rechargeable battery is not the longest, but it is enough to meet.

Vapechaser teclado teclados portátiles

TECKNET Mini Keyboard

If one of the things you are looking for in the accessory is that it makes little noise, this is one of the virtues that this model has thanks to the fact that it includes a scissor-type switch on each key. In black color and with radio frequency technology to communicate, it allows a connection distance of 10 meters.

teclado TECKNET Mini Teclado

COO Keyboard

The most striking thing about this device is that it is backlit and the light it emits can be changed easily to adapt to all kinds of situations. It is from the Bluetooth keyboards of all that we have chosen, and the truth is that its finish is very good. Its weight is very low, since it is only 177 grams.

COO Teclado teclados portatiles

Logitech K400 Plus

This is one of the few manufacturers that has a model that integrates a touchpad in the device itself to control the mouse pointer, making it ideal for both laptops and Smart TVs. Its communication technology is radio frequency, and it is one of the most stable of all the chosen keyboards.

Logitech K400 Plus teclados portátiles

SUAVER Keyboard

This model has a high quality finish, since it is aluminum so it fits with laptops such as those of Apple or those that belong to the high-end product. It includes its own USB receiver and something that may interest many: an additional mouse that is also eye-catching.

SUAVER Teclado teclados portátiles

Rehomy BT

It is the direct rival of the previous model, since it has its space to control the mouse, but in this case we are talking about an accessory that uses Bluetooth and its finish is black plastic. Its autonomy exceeds 60 days, so it fits perfectly for use in mobile conditions.

Rehomy BT teclados portátiles

Crewell Ultra Thin

It is the different device from the rest in terms of connectivity since it is not among the wireless keyboards since it includes a USB cable to work (so autonomy is something that does not matter). Its weight is below 200 grams, and its color is black. It should be noted that its compatibility is excellent.

Teclado Crewell Ultra Thin

Tacens Levis

One of the most attractive models of all the chosen keyboards and, in addition, it is accompanied by a keyboard that is quite useful. It uses radio frequency technology, and has such interesting functions as the automatic shutdown in the case that it is not being used to save energy. It weighs less than 65 grams, which is ideal.

Tacens Levis teclados portátiles